“This book gets a 10/10 for me! Why? It’s educational, positive, it helps, it’s quick to read and it’s written in a way which is easy to understand and very relatable!”

Alisha White

Britain's Next Top Model Runner Up

“I am an aspiring psychiatric nurse and I love how your method incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You truly balanced your motivational tips with actual therapy and it was insanely brilliant. I also loved the lessons you taught us. Your book is truly a game-changer in the world of self-help books.”

Olivia DeFilippo

Psychiatric nurse

“Inside Out is more than just a self-help book with steps on bettering yourself. As somewhat of a self-help connoisseur, I can tell you this: not often. When you’re reading Inside Out, you don’t feel alone. You don’t feel like a professional is telling you how to live your life. You feel the community of people changing their perspective as you are changing yours.

Raewyn Sangari

Journalist & mental health advocate

“Inside Out is good for women on all spectrums of the scale, whether you add it into your pre-existing eating disorder treatment plan or are a woman who considers herself strong and confident, but still encounters negative body thoughts now and then. It’s not afraid to make us ask the hard questions of ourselves and pushes you to do the tough work, in a healthy way. It encourages and supports making tough decisions. I encourage you to treat the book like a journal and take your time with it! The pay off in the end is well worth the work.”

Megan de Boekhorst

Goal coach

“Inside Out cuts through all of the ‘diet-talk’ and not only provides young women with information, but actionable steps towards becoming more body positive.”

Nina Mills

Nutritionist & Dietitian

“Inside Out is the sort of book I wish more doctors, politicians and media commentators would read because of the way it exposes the complex links between mental and physical health.”

Lara Cain Gray


“Anastasia’s no-bull body image advice style shines through on every page. In order to tackle something as complicated and emotional as your views on your body you need exactly that, honest no-bull advice. I love that she decided to make it a workbook because it allows you to easily read through it. Being able to put into practice the advice and affirmations she provides for you in each chapter is crucial to changing the way you see and talk to your body. I also opted to journal along with it. One of my favorite parts of the book were the quotes at the end of each chapter– I printed all of them and tacked them on my home office board for daily inspiration.”

Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

Fashion, beauty and empowerment blogger

“I am a big believer in loving yourself… all of yourself! But the world we live in doesn’t always support us loving all of ourselves. There is much negativity around the human body, such hate & disrespect; that it can be hard to see through the fog. Inside Out is such a lovely way to help clear the fog and find again the beauty in us!”

Emma Fitts

Holistic therapist

“Inside Out is perfect for any woman who’s ever felt self-conscious about her body. So, it’s perfect for every woman. It doesn’t matter if you have negative body thoughts all the time or just once in a while. Plus, Anastasia isn’t filling your head with bullshit. She’s using science-backed reasoning and cites her sources. Take that, Buzzfeed. I’ve truly felt different about myself since starting Inside Out. Sure, I’ve got ups and downs, but Anastasia has given me the tools to help myself get out of a slump and feel great about myself again.”

Caitlin Cheevers


“I loved your book! It’s just perfect, definitely something every young girl should read!”

Margalit Rosenschein

Student teacher

“I like to think that I have a fairly positive view of my body but I will admit that reading through, Inside Out helped me realize that I still hold some negative views of my body that I need to work on. Although I work hard at loving and appreciating my body I’ve noticed that I still hold on to the insecurities that have been instilled in me since I was little: I am too fat for a crop top, I should stay away from a bikini, I should wear dresses that hide my tummy. These thoughts are so engrained in me that I don’t even notice anymore. That just isn’t cool. By recognizing these poisonous thoughts I can learn, with help from a few of Anastasia’s exercises, to change those negatives into self love and embrace Fearless Body Confidence.”

Hilary Joyner

Style blogger

“What Anastasia has created her is powerful and empowering, and should not be put aside. This is no coffee table book, because it is by no means full of Instagram quotes with fluffy pictures of flowers in the background. Or kittens. This is reading and lessons learnt from someone that has come out stronger from the other side. Whilst her experience is not mine, looking in the mirror for me causes some of the same mind tricks. Comparisons. Seeing something worse than what is there. I only know that I want to be able to look in the mirror and not wince. Or compare myself. Inside Out is helping me realise that I can do this.”

Kimberley Santos

IT professional

“Honest and thought provoking, this book will almost force you to be kinder to yourself, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Popping this in the roster to read regularly to remind me of that fact!”

Alys Holz

Book reviewer

“This book is inspiring! It has already helped me love my body and the truly beautiful person that I am so much, and I know that this book is something that I will use over and over again when I have not-so-good days (because those are bound to happen).”

Emily Murnane

High school student

“Inside Out is a book that will transform the way you think, talk, and feel about yourself, in the best way possible. I’ve really struggled with my own self-image and body confidence, especially as my body has changed after having 2 kids. Reading through some of the exercises in Inside Out really made me stop and think about what those thoughts are doing to me and how I can embrace who I am without any shame or guilt. It’s a book that, as a woman, I really needed to read. I think all women will benefit from it and I don’t say that lightly.”

Mia Sutton


“Inside Out is an amazing resource for women of all ages from all over the world who have ever struggled with negative self-talk or body loathing. Anastasia is seriously something else. Powerful, smart, and passionate about helping women overcome the struggle to be happy with their appearance…which we all know too well. I must say, Inside Out really does live up to all this hype.”

Dani Kluss

College student & mental health advocate

“Since reading Inside Out, I do see a boost in my confidence, a pep in my step and I am smiling more often. I am able to stop comparing myself a little bit less than I did before reading. This book has helped me get on the right track to finding who I am and being confident in my own skin.”

Emily Doyen

College student

“I couldn’t recommend this book more for anyone struggling with body confidence, weight, eating disorder recovery and even parents of tween and teen daughters. All women should read this book and be inspired by this amazing lady. We can not only gain Fearless Body Confidence by reading this, but also confidence in all areas of our lives. We can also learn to forgive others and ourselves for all the hurtful things done to us. This lady is a modern day inspiration!”

Mackenzie Glanville


“The great thing about this book is it is personal, it has achievable tasks and the steps are specific. You aren’t left on your own to battle the problem.”

Jessie Reid

Parenting blogger

“Inside Out was inspiring and the perfect guide for the every day girl. We so often lose sight of our beauty and compare to others. It’s just what every girl needs.”

Shelby Chibry

College student

“I love it because it is very easy to read and it takes one chapter a day since there is a great exercise at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend it!”

Ana Lucia Pacheco


“Inside Out is a way for you to tap into your own life changing potential and to fully become and own your awesome, self-loving soul! Inside Out provides a source of practical guidance in the form of a 14 day program/guide that will help you to transform your negative, self-hate into positive, fierce self-confidence. Sound to good to be true? Well, it’s not! The 14 day approach is well-rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which takes steady and ongoing progressive behavioral changes to create lasting change. I’m a firm believer in CBT and I say this with full conviction because I know the self-hate place, and I know the cycle of self-loathing. I’ve battled with depression, anxiety, forms of self-harm. And thanks in large part to CBT I’m in a much, much better place now. Inside Out would’ve been a fantastic guide when I was at my lowest. It’s helpful, practical, and very self-affirming. Anastasia provides an upbeat tone, and it feels like she is talking to you as you read and work through the exercises. She provides endless encouragement and it’s almost like having a totally awesome personal cheerleader motivating you to own your own excellence! Inside Out is a book that will appeal to so many women since it’s the kind that not only gets you through those rough times, it provides you with the groundwork to keep building a stronger, healthier, happier YOU!”

Ella Patrice

Positivity blogger

“I have lost a lot of weight and definitely gained a lot of confidence, but there is always a little voice inside my head telling me I haven’t lost enough weight or I’m still heavier than all the other women in the room or whatever. It’s important to stifle that voice, but I don’t always succeed. Inside Out has really helped me through a lot of those negative thoughts I have about my body. The book takes you on a 14-day journey to break down those walls of negativity and rebuild them with a firm foundation of a positive, encouraging outlook. I have loved reading Anastasia’s book and participating each day in the questions she provides at the end of each chapter. These exercises sometimes really challenged me, but they were good challenges. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone, but I especially think you should check it out if you’re also on a weight loss journey or just really struggling with accepting your body.”

Maegan Dockery

Weight loss blogger

“Inside Out is an amazing, uplifting, positive book that really puts life into perspective and how we should all love ourselves no matter what any one says. Inside Out makes you take a deeper look at the way you live life and the way you think about yourself. It really made me stop and think about how I truly feel about myself, it made me really stop and evaluate if I fit into some of these categories. There were some days that I read and was like … hmmm I definitely do that, why do I do that. I love how this book can touch any women who has ever been through life. We all hit those dark moments in life where we self doubt ourselves, but why? Why do we do that? We all as women need to take a stand and believe in ourselves 100% no matter what. Reading this book gave me a good grasp on where I am in my life and how I really wanted to put 100% into this book. Each activity really pulled on my heart-strings and it made me want to make sure that my girls never feel that way EVER!”

Melissa McMurchy


“Anastasia is a no-bullshit kinda gal who will call it like she sees it, and Inside Out definitely has elements of that, but the book reads like you’re getting advice from your best friend, which is probably the best thing about it. She has a way of convincing you to see your best self that isn’t gimmicky – it’s just honest. If you are struggling with the way that you look and you want some help, definitely purchase Inside Out. It will change you for the better. I promise.”

Erika Ashley

PhD student

“If you only use one resource to boost your self-esteem – let it be this one.”

Jess May

Relationship psychologist

“It’s one of the first self-love books that I’ve come across that is realistic, hands on, and relateable for anyone!”

Abbey Thompson

Business student

“I wouldn’t describe this book as a typical self-help book. Inside Out forces you to truly look at yourself – not outwardly, but inwardly. It asks the questions you are afraid to ask yourself. It brings the hard stuff to light and then finishes each chapter with exercises to help you overcome the negativities. This 14-day guide has some major credit behind it being rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a form of therapy that sheds light on inaccurate or negative thinking you may have. CBT then helps you to see challenging situations much more clearly so that you can respond to them in a more positive, effective way. Anastasia successfully uses this approach in each of the 14 days she guides you through. Pick up this book and be forever changed in how you see yourself and your body!”

Becky VanEck

Lifestyle blogger

“Your book is a godsend…it’s like you are talking directly to me…telling me exactly what I need to hear.. thank you!”

Aimee Lofts

Kindergarten teacher

“Inside Out is a divine little book, consisting of a 14-day guide, which aims to change how you see yourself and your body. It contains many practical tools and exercises. This is a book that will help redefine what it is to be you, far away from societal pressures.”

Raphaela Angelou


“I’ve read your book twice and have recommended it to all my friends who struggle with the same thing. You’re amazing!”

Angelica Kibler

Psychology student

“I’ve cried every day reading this book. It is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much.”

Celina Thomson

Hospitality worker

“Great book! Feeling a lot stronger and more confident in myself!”

Rachelle Johnstone

Miss Sou'West Vintage Fest 2014

“Keep up the great work. You’re a fabulous voice on the body acceptance frontier.”

Dr. Ellen Albertson

Psychologist (PhD), Nutritionist (RD) & Certified Wellcoach

“Anastasia, I really love what you’ve done with your book! You’ve taken the old stand-by concept of a two-week body transformation from the women’s magazines: “Get a Flat Stomach in 14 Days!” and turned it on its head to be a healthy, happy version for women.”

Emily Wise Miller

Editor In Chief at Live Happy

“Thanks for all that you do to send the message of body positivity! Our community loves you!”

Lauren Bersaglio

Founder of Libero Network (Mental Health Resource)

“Love your work, your voice, your authenticity.”

Elizabeth Piper & Mary Genett

Founders of The Prettygirl Revolution

“I really enjoyed the tone of the book – it feels like Anastasia is a good friend who is guiding you through the process to self-body-love.  I would recommend this book for any woman of any age who might need a little boost every now and again!”

Lindsey Turnbull

Founder of MissHeard Magazine

“I began reading Inside Out with a somewhat cynical outlook, thinking there is no way this self-help book is going to change the views that I have held for years. But you know what, it’s starting to. It has helped shift my perspective and helped me recognized how distorted my view of myself is.”

Tasha Rankin

Educator at FRANQ Girl Magazine

“Possibly the best book I have read this year – or decade!”

Marissa Pendlebury

Health Psychologist at Nourishing Routes

“Since I found you, I’m thinking and feeling about my body differently. I’m accepting it now as it is – this strong, able, painfree body is what will carry me to my weight loss goals!”


Beauty Vlogger

“Inside Out is exactly what I needed at this part of my journey!”



“Thank you so much for writing this book. A side effect of reading it is how it’s helping me to speak to my 12 year old daughter with the right words and guide her through growing up, navigating school & bullies without being too down on herself. I’m always encouraging her to get into the habit of talking to herself in her own head as if she’s an awesome best friend – she thought I was nuts at first, but gets how it feels better now!! I’m setting a much better example now, too. Thank you lovely, clever lady!”


Illustrator, photographer & mother

“This book is awesome! It helped me view myself in a new, positive and loving way! It also helped me gain the confidence that I needed. Every woman should read this book and embark in a self-love journey. Anastasia thank you so much for writing this book as well as inspiring and empowering women everyday!”


College student

“I just finished the book recently and since then looking in the mirror is a new experience. Like I see a better version of my self I’ve never seen before. It’s amazing! Loaned the book to my mom. Thought she could benefit from it too!”



“Anastasia, you really should’ve warned me before I started reading Inside Out that it would change the way I see myself! I mean I knew I wanted to learn to love myself but I guess I didn’t realize HOW MUCH work I had to do! I’ve had some revelation moments today that have left me crying in gratitude for this wonderful program because without it, I wouldn’t have known just how much guilt and fear about my body that I am holding onto! I have a long way to go and I know this is just the start, but I’m so excited and I know I can do it!”


Ex personal trainer & fitness model

“Absolutely loved this book. I’ve read loads of books on the subject but this is the only one that’s really resonated with me. A must read for anyone who is ready to start their journey!!”



“I’m only on Day 4 of Inside Out and the change in me is already massive. My husband commented this morning that I look so much happier and asked what was wrong… He’s so used to seeing me looking miserable because I feel awful about myself and now I’m actually feeling good and it’s a foreign experience! I think the last time I felt this good about myself was in the late 90s before I had kids (and even then I think this surpasses how I used to feel about myself). I can only imagine how I’m going to feel after I finish the 14 days if this is how good I feel after only 4 days!!!!!”


Stay-at-home mother

“Your book is wonderful and made me cry when I realised what a bully I’ve been to myself for years. Thank you for everything you do, I find you a complete inspiration.”


Preschool teacher

“I have struggled with depression for most of my life. I knew that body loathing and negative self-talk were not helping my mental health so I decided to read Inside Out. Each chapter and daily exercise helped me realise where these negative thoughts and habits came from and how to replace them with more positive and healthy ones. Inside Out has changed the way I see myself, my body, other women and the world. I am now on a journey to self-love and happiness. Thanks Anastasia <3”



“HOLY EFFING CRAP I JUST FINISHED READING INSIDE OUT AND I REALISED THAT 2 WEEKS AGO I HATED MY BODY AND NOW I GET UP IN THE MORNING AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! Sorry for the caps but this is HUGE! And I went for a run today and because I wanted to, not to punish myself for eating cookies last night! I’ve thrown away my scales, I’ve booked myself checkups with my doctor and a nutritionist and I’m EFFING COMMITTED to living a healthy life because I LOVE MYSELF. I’ve literally never been this excited. And it’s not even a lifestyle change… it’s jus a flip in my perspective! I’ve wasted SO MANY YEARS hating myself and this changed all that in a fortnight. So grateful. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”



“I absolutely loved this book! These last years, I’ve been struggling a lot with self-confidence and body-image issues and it has a lot of consequences on my everyday life. Thanks to this book, I now have some great tools to help me getting through these issues, accept who I am and then finally start to love who I am. I know the road will still be long until then but it’s ok, everything worthy takes time and you are right, loving ourselves is the most important thing to do for us and also for those around us. For sure, I’ll read it again to remind me all the great advices you give and also understand and apply them to myself better! It actually helped me a lot more than I realized. I couldn’t imagine that I would feel that much better so quickly (and even at all to be honest). Thank you for this amazing book :)”



“I feel so much stronger and more confident in myself since reading Inside Out! Great book!”



“As a therapist myself, I often forget to take out time for myself and I’ve been feeling my self-esteem slide downhill now for longer than I’d care to admit. Inside Out was the perfect antidote to the poison of self-hatred that I’d been slowly filling myself with. It reminded me of how to align my mind and body again to restore balance. I’ll be keeping this on my reference shelf to refer back to whenever I need it, and I’ve already referred several of my clients to it, too. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”


Family therapist

“Where do I start… I’ve been through a lot, the biggest issue being my struggle with anorexia for the past 15 years, being in and out of recovery and never truly feeling like anything clicked… I’d always just fall right back down again. But after reading your advice, for the first time in my life I feel like there’s hope for me. I’m starting to feel better about my body and my mind and I even feel like I could handle it if a relapse were to happen again. You’ve spared me years of torture, more therapy with psychologists who didn’t care. Crying right now as I write this. Thank you so much Anastasia, I owe you everything.”


“Thank you so much for your post today, I needed it! I’m so so happy that you have got to a point in your life where you can feel beautiful and not want to cry, because I know exactly how it feels to not feel at home in your body. You are amazing and you honestly inspire me so so so much! It makes me think that I put so much energy into hating myself and hurting myself when I should have tried to put that into self-love and self-care!”


“Thank you so so much! your posts always make me feel better and convince me not to follow my ED’s voice! I’m in recovery right now, and for the very first time in my life I want to be free.I want to learn how to live, but it’s hard and scary because I don’t know what life is without an ED. I grew up with it inside my head, became an adult with it holding my hand and telling me what to do. I’m getting older and older, and my body is a wreck. 13 years of ED have done so much damage which can never be cured totally. I’m in excellent therapy which is helping me deal with negative feelings, and your articles are helping me along with this SO much! So thank you!”


“Your posts are like an antidote to all the negative and judgmental posts about womens body image. When ever I see one of your posts they remind me to be happy and joyful about my amazing body that can swim and run and dance and not dwell on what others think my body should look like. You are doing a great service to womenkind!”


“You’ve just given me THE realest thing I’ve ever read and I actually had an epiphany while reading. You asked where does the emotional connection lie and I thought about it and straight away I connected it to two major things in my past that I NEVER thought of before. THANK YOU! My god I actually have insight into why I emotionally eat….I knew my medication and my immune disease caused fluid gain and metabolism slowing (more like stopping) but I never, really took it to the next level and thought about WHY food was so important to how I felt and where that came from. Thank you Anastasia, you never cease to amaze and inspire me.”


“Anastasia writes in a bare ass honest and transparent way having battled with weight issues in her life.  Her passion and dedication to helping women change the way they see themselves comes through in her words.  She advocates that we should all feel good in our own skin before we start making changes on the skin we are in.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for being so honest. I know that many people including me have been through similar things and it’s so relieving to see a person who’s not afraid to speak out loud about their experiences. I think a lot of people nowadays are afraid to come to terms with their emotions because they don’t want to be seen as weak but you have definitely made me realise that to move on you need to face the things you’re afraid of. So thank you, following you was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


“Thanks so much for writing these articles, and sharing with others what you’ve gone through. I’ve struggled with disordered eating and body image for the last few years, and its just recently that I’ve been able to admit what it is, and deal with it honestly. I’m finally working at loving my body, and myself, and taking care of myself instead of doing self harm. Recovery is such a long, exhaustive road, and I’m not there yet, but I am so grateful for help like yours; reading your articles and hearing your support and real-life applications to get better is so encouraging and rewarding. It touches my heart right when I need it, and I appreciate it so much! You’re helping people all over the world love themselves and move on with their lives, its so inspiring. Thank you for everything <3 — JUST ORDERED YOUR BOOK!”


“This year I found Anastasia Amour, and she changed everything. I no longer choose to place value on myself, or my abilities as a human, or a mother, on my appearance. I also no longer consider myself an object that must appease to other’s senses of beauty. Could I be healthier? Yes, I can. But only to FEEL good for myself, and not to LOOK good for you. It’s not easy seeing all these lovely goddesses post their bodies on Instagram tonight, but it doesn’t matter that I think another person is perfect and has nothing to worry about. That’s silly, it’s none of my concern. People are always going to have insecurities and it’s not my place to judge another’s as they might judge me. Mums, if you’re there… Don’t let me be on the only with tiger stripes to show tonight. You’ve earned yours, and you are goddess just like me.”


“You are absolutely astounding. Your words and actions behind them show people that it’s okay to have a crappy day, but that it’s still okay to love yourself! Thank God for women like you, we can all learn a lot from you!”


“You’re amazing! You are what keep me going and what’s helped me increase being positive about my body and loving myself!”


“I just stumbled across you today and I’m already such a fan of yours. Your messages are so honest and encouraging, many of them bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for inspiring others to find the powerful warrior within!”


“This year has been tough for me. I’ve never been diagnosed with an ED but there’s definitely issues there and I’ve never been able to look at myself in the mirror without crying. At age 30, I finally had enough and planned to take my life. I was scrolling through my feed that night and I came across your article on overcoming your emotional triggers and I just broke down, it felt like the weight of the world came lifting off my shoulders and I knew I wasn’t so alone. You saved my life that night, and I’ll never forget that.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you… I can’t think of another person’s story that actually brought me to tears before your own! I’m struggling along a similar path and when I can go days and days through normal living without sight or sound from another human being… it makes me want to break. Thank you. That’s all I can say. If you ever feel like giving in to the monsters, then please, if you forget all your own reasons, remember you helped me save my life and innumerable others. Thank you. Please keep fighting and changing the world!”


“For the first time in YEARS I bought a bikini for this summer. I’ve already worn it a few times, including a public beach (without ye ol’ faithful board shorts too… twice!). And honestly I have you to thank for that! Your updates keep teaching me so much about embracing myself as I am. Who cares what other people think – or more accurately, what *I* think they think – bikinis are 58249204 times better to swim in than t-shirts and shorts. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you!”


Your posts make me realize that time and time again and it makes me stand in front of the mirror, looking at myself and saying out loud: you ARE beautiful! You make me do that. You inspire me to do so. Love you for that. Thank you.”


“So much love to you. You make me happy everyday. I see your posts and they are the most amazing reminders to me. Even some days when I think I’m feeling fine and confident, there are negative subconscious messages I tell myself, and your posts remind me to change my inner dialogue. THANK YOU!”


“When I started reading your words, I didn’t realize at the time how much I would need them, but I’m so grateful for them now.”


“Your e-book gave me a whole new positive outlook on life. Thank you for the inspiring words!”


“Powerful. Encouraging. Inspirational. THANK YOU! <3”


“I screenshot your words. To add to my daily reminders. Just getting out of a funk. Your help has been invaluable to me!”


“Words have such power. You know, these days its cool to be disaffected and sarcastic, caustic and negative. Its easy to cut the groove in the rotating vinyl record inside your head. Doing Anastasia’s #ProjectPositive challenges changed my world. I felt connected to a vibrant group of people doing life, endeavouring to work out the snags. I learnt that I am worthy of love just as I am. I examined what beauty and self-love actually is, and what it isn’t. I was humbled and my self-talk was certainly transformed. Plus, her eBook was fantastic! I loved the visuals, and the text was succinct and awe-inspiring. A must for young women to read. Truly, there is nothing I would change.”


“You are so incredibly inspiring and have made me feel much more accepting and loving toward my body in the short amount of time I’ve had to follow you. I’m the kind of person who believes everything happens for a reason, like my getting ill, finding your page, etc. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful and inspiring person. You have really helped me in such a short amount of time and I’m thrilled to continue following your page and posts!”


“I almost cried reading your latest post. You are helping so many people especially yourself with all this positivity and confidence. I used to never think I could love my body either but now I flex my muscles and show the world what a strong beautiful young lady looks like!”


“Thank you! You helped me think positively about myself when all I wanted to do was be negative!”


“You’re seriously so inspiring! I know I’m not the prettiest flower of the bunch, but whenever I see a post of yours I feel invincible! Thank you!”


“You’re helping me to put years of yo-yo dieting, tears and unhappiness behind me. I’m finally appreciating my body and I’m healthier as a result, and it feels so damn good!”


“I teach 4-5th grade girls and feel you’re something I can bring to their attention. Thanks!”


“This site is honestly the best thing I have read in ages!”


“I needed this so much today, just scrolling and your posts have cleared my head of so much fog! Thank you so much.”


“You’re one of my biggest recovery role models. I’ve been battling with bulimia for all of my life and I’m now starting to put that behind me. Having my daughter (now 15) was the biggest catalyst for me wanting to change and I’m determined to help her grow up with healthy self-esteem. Her and I sit down and read your advice together and I can’t thank you enough for helping me teach my baby girl what I’d struggle to teach her alone.”


“Anastasia is like a frigging body confidence freight train. She can make me feel good about myself with just a few words. I like how she doesn’t sugar coat things, she is open and as honest as you come. Which I love. She is one of those positive people that everyone needs in their life – someone who is guaranteed to raise you up when you are feeling down, always with something good to say. Anastasia – I freaking love you. You are like my positive thoughts sister. You are and will always be my inspirational lady from across the ocean. Please don’t ever stop your positive, body confident crusade… I am behind 1000% and you are helping boost my confidence daily!”


“I haven’t kept it a secret that I am totally in love and inspired by Anastasia Amour’s blog. Although I didn’t want it, I find myself with a fresh start ahead of me and a new stage of my life. To begin with, I wasn’t coping very well (and to be honest, I could be coping better still!) but after finding Anastasia’s blog I found myself completely inspired to think more positively about what is around me and take part in #ProjectPositive. Over the next few weeks, I intend to start writing some posts about being more positive based on my own thoughts or Anastasia’s prompts. I’m really excited about this, I’ve always been quite a pessimist!”


“Anastasia is one of those truly great people – online and in person. Eternally positive, bright and engaging Anastasia appeals to the best of target markets, us! I just love her outlook on life and important issues surrounding young women. Mature, honest and wise beyond her years, get in now people because Anastasia Amour is going places!”


“Your challenges have really helped me see positives in situations, rather than negatives. I had a tendency to ONLY see negatives, and now even in a bad situation, I can find at least one positive. I definitely think that this change will help my mental health, and make me a better person to be around.”


“Dear Anastasia, I can hardly wait to read your material. I know your affirmations are what I desperately need, but I have been quite bewildered about how to manifest them in my life. How to really and truly change my attitude about myself. This is exciting!”


“#ProjectPositive Round 2 made me feel better about myself and my life. I don’t know how, but it somehow always shifts the way I look at things. I was in a good mood almost every day of the challenge. It’s amazing! I loved day one to five most, as they really boosted my confidence and made me look at myself from a more positive point of you. As I struggle a lot with myself in the past, these days have just been what I needed.”


For a girl who used to (and every now and again still does) have some issues with positive body image your blog gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling I can’t explain. Alright I’ll stop babbling for a little while but again, thank you for helping a teenager see that there are so many people around who have dealt with those things and come out the other side happy.”


“I have never been diagnosed or close to having an eating disorder, but I’ve had common body image issues which along with anxiety and depression got me into some trouble. After reading almost all of your posts, I just wanted to let you know that some of them made me tear up and I can’t think of a word that describes how amazing and brave you are or how much you’re helping me. You’re an inspiration.”


“I was sexually abused when I was younger and because of comments an abuser made about my body, I developed anorexia. I was hospitalized and I was there for over a year because I just didn’t want help. I recovered and actually gained a lot more weight than I was ever used to, and that led to another battle. It’s scary to feel like you have no help. But I go back sometimes and look through your old posts and they always help me! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything that you do for me and so many others!Since I first found you a few months ago, you’ve  offered me so much support & help. Reading your posts and seeing your journey through recovery was a huge part of what helped me find the courage to share mine. I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“Anastasia, You are so warm hearted! Absolutely love your site. You have given me an abundance of courage and strength to love who I am, find my inner brave soul, and stay positive. I can’t thank you enough. I have experienced more trying times than I ever wanted to, but it has brought me to where I am at today and for that I am forever grateful for those hardships. Your words have added to my strength and I now can share that strength with the women around me!! Thank you! :)”


“You’re amazing. You are doing amazing things for every single person silently suffering with disordered eating. I can’t wait to buy your book! I am so proud of what you have achieved so far. 18 years I have committed to bulimia and anorexia. More than half my life. Your approach, your attitude, your honesty and your wealth of knowledge…it has all resonated with me so profoundly. I have a long way to go. But I have so much hope for the future with the likes of you spreading awareness and getting it all talked about. You have so many important things to say on the topic, you get it in a way that so many of my doctors, psychologists, counsellors over the years just couldn’t. I am so very grateful that you share it all with us.You are changing lives. Thank you so so sooooo much mate. Xo”


“I loved all the days of your #ProjectPositive challenge in January! Doing nice things for myself felt good , reaching out to others was lovely and taking a real effort to think about what I was going to do to get over a very bad 2014 was what I needed! Too hard to just say I’m going to have a better life , this made it easy for me to break it into small pieces and address issues to improve several areas of my life. It helped me realise that there is more good than bad in my life and how each day can be something to look forward to.”


“You’re so inspiring! You always find the right words and you always hit the point! You are so strong and you’re definitely one of my recovery rolemodels, just because you embrace the self love instead of fitness lifestyle (which is one disordered thing), and every time I read your captions I get this huge boost to keep on going!”


“I absolutely adored participating in September’s #ProjectPositive challenge that the wonderful Anastasia Amour set up. I’m a generally positive person by nature, but finishing that simple sentence each day was a fantastic exercise in self-appreciation and it opened up some charming introspection. I’m almost bummed to see it come to an end, however, going back and re-reading my answers to place in this post (and write down in my journal) has been amazing. My heart is over-flowing with self-gratitude and I feel like I’m glowing with a renewed self-assurance. I urge everyone to answer the questions for yourself – starting now (don’t fret about the dates, just do one a day) and to go and check out #ProjectPositive!”


“I can’t tell how much strength you give me with your posts. But I’ll try to give you an idea: I rarely cry. I hate to cry… and IF i do, it’s when i’m alone, where nobody can see. I’m at my work right now, other people are around me, and I almost started crying when i read this. THAT is how amazing you are, I really really love you.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel represented. I’m 16 and I’ve never once been a skinny girl in my life. I’ve always felt so awkward and out of place, especially since my mum makes me feel so bad along with the media. I got so happy upon finding you and seeing that there are other women out there who look like me. And now, thanks to you I don’t feel as bad about myself. THANK YOU! I aspire to be as confident as you some day. I can’t thank you enough for making me realise that I do matter in this fake society of ours.”


“What you do is so important to women like me who just cannot see anything good in themselves. Lately your posts and photos have been the things that have kept me going, kept me believing in myself that I too, can learn to love my body, flaws and all. That is so, so important – thank you.”


“It has been a total joy following you and I have been so inspired by your honesty and self love. I totally credit you with supporting my shift in thinking, and it’s made me happier and healthier! Thank you!”


“You keep me motivated to carry on with recovery – thank you!”


“All your posts help me so much to love my body for what it does and to love it along my healthy journey to a better healthier version of myself. With all my heart and soul, thank you.”


“What you are doing for women is so crazy-amazing. You are such an inspiration. I want you in my pocket for whenever I’m feeling less than beautiful, because I know you see past it all, and will call out the beauty WITHIN. You’re incredible, girl.”


“For the first time, when I talk to you I feel like someone actually GETS me. I don’t feel so paralysed talking about the way that I feel and after 30 years of unhappiness you’re helping me see the light. I have a long way to go but with your help, I know I can get there!”


“Your articles are just… I am quite lost for words. All I can really say right now is thank you!


“I love your posts so much- thank you for being authentically YOU! You make a difference in so many people’s lives!”


“I have only been looking at your comments and articles for a few minutes and I am so completely thrilled to have found you! I can’t wait to read through absolutely everything! Thank you for using your voice!”


“Just read your e-book, exactly what I needed to hear!! So well written!”


“It’s you who has given me the confidence to love the body I have!”


“Just looking at your story tonight made me want to keep living and fighting, even if it’s just for one more day. Thanks a bunch. Take care of yourself!”


“You are so good for me and just what I need in my life at the moment. Thank you for everything you do!”


“Yesterday I was shopping for some clothes, and in the changing room I put on these trousers and freaked out the size. But then I thought, “It’s only a number which doesn’t mean anything. Plus what would Anastasia do? Probably the same thing and maybe she might tell me how awesome I look, how my eyes sparkle, how wide my smile is!” So once again I wanna thank you, you have affected me significantly in my self care and self acceptance, and after finding you I keep on checking your posts for some motivation and reasons why I should keep on going in this road self acceptance.”


“YES to everything you write! Letting go of my inner critic and the voice that treats me like shit largely relieved me of chronic fatigue, if you can believe it. I didn’t even know an “inner dialogue” was a thing for most of my life and my negative, mean one was such a huge weight! Thanks again for your badass doses of truth, as always!”


“Girl you help me every day. I celebrate my victories now. After thanksgiving I was thinking about how full I felt and suddenly I didn’t feel guilty about that like I normally would. And I seriously thought to myself, “I bet Anastasia would be proud of me right now.” You’re a cheerleader for all of us, whether we’re trying to find recovery or working on it, or have been there for a while and are trying to stay on track. Keep doing what you’re doing, we all need you!”


“Anastasia’s words have had a huge impact on the way I see myself and my body and she is the reason I feel so strongly about body positivity now… whereas about a year ago I didn’t really have an opinion on it, except that I hated my roly tummy and huge bum and was super critical of myself. Anastasia is a body image champion and she’s an inspiration; I tell all of my friends about her because, really, we all need to boost each other up, not tear each other down.”


“Your words have changed me. I stopped being demanding. I stopped being mad at my body it doesn’t work how I would like it to work. I started to treat all of the symptoms as a sign from my body that I didn’t love it enough. And I am not doing any good by pushing it to its limits. I gave my body so much stress, even before I felt it. I CAN NOT feel guilty every time I eat something ‘bad’ (= delicious). I must have healthy relationship with food. I can’t avoid people. I have to feed my body with healthy food, and sometimes nourish my soul with something delicious without feeling bad. I need to find the balance, because when my soul is sick, my body is sick. Yesterday, after discovering your words, was the first day I felt this pleasant warmth of peace in my heart, finally not a stress squeeze. I know I have to repair my metabolism, calm sugar levels, and heal all the allergies, and it will cost a lot of hard work, but at first I have to fall in love with me and my flawless body just the way it is. Whether it’s sick or not. Swollen or not. With or without cellulite. Still the best. This is the only way to be truly happy. I always knew this but I finally understood what it means. It was such a tough lesson, but without it, I would never be happy. Your words are worth so much more than any of those crappy pages telling us being fit is the only way to be socially acceptable. Pretending it’s all about health, making us mentally sick instead. There is a long way ahead of me to be fully cured, but I just know everything is going to be okay.”


“Dear wonderful and strong Woman ; ) I’ve found your account recently. I’m 17 and I’ve been struggling with depression for a year. Mostly due to it I unfortunately started bingeing in December, and gained over 10 kilos. Then it got really bad and I went inpatient because of suicidal tendencies. When I got out of the hospital I thought I was healed and also that this bingeing period was just a phase. But it returned, and started to destroy my efforts to get my old life back. In the past I was always doing something and had few passions, but depression took them away from me and now I’m still struggling to get them back, because each time I manage to do sth fulfilling my eating disorder strikes back…but enough. Two weeks ago bingeing got me to such a desperate state that I asked myself if there was solution to this situation other than suicide and I found only one – to forgive myself for everything, and to love myself as I am. I think before I’d been afraid to do so and only when it became an only option did I feel ready to try. I tried to love myself before, but now I realised I did that ON CONDITION that I ate healthy and was losing weight (after returning from hospital I started running to lose the weight I’d gained) and when the scale number refused to drop, I’d got frustrated with myself which led to bingeing. Plus daily looking at myself in the mirror and comparing my look to how I’d look like before and hating my body for gaining so much weight. Now I realised that I want to break free from that and I am soo happy I came across you! I’ve read many of the articles on your website and I already feel so empowered by them. I’ve always struggled with anxiety, unability to deal with stressful situations, low self-esteem and body image & generally feeling worse than other people in which my high school classmates had a great part. They made me think I was too ‘weird’ and that I was a person to make fun of. Now I’ve realised how ridiculous that thinking was & also how I’d let also my terrible body image prevent me from doing things I love. Your articles gave me hope and now I feel well equipped in tools which can help me deal with my struggles. Honestly, when I scrolled through them first, they looked as if they’d been written specially for me. I know that there is a long path before me, but I feel like my life has already changed. So thank you, thank you, thank you.You’re doing so much good and I wish there were more people like you.”


“Your ebook is so lovely! Someone made a comment recently to me about my lack of self confidence and body image, it shocked me as I didn’t honestly think I was that bad. I’ve made it my challenge to change how I view myself and my life. Your ebook has some brilliant tips that I plan to implement and try out over the next few weeks.”


“With 100% thanks to you and the information you’ve given me, I am starting to feel better in myself and more positive.”


“I’ve been struggling with anorexia for the past 3 years and it’s getting worse and today my friend showed me your site and for the first time in ages, I feel happy and like there’s hope! You’ve already helped me so much, and so many other people!”


“Because of women like you I understand that I’m allowed to love my body no matter what size I am. Because of you I’m breaking free from ED and rules around food. Nowadays I wake up in the morning and feel free for the first time in my life. I don’t obsess about food anymore. I can’t thank you enough!!!”


“You’re an inspiration. Every time I start to doubt myself of feel self conscious, I see one of your posts and it instantly gets me out of that rut and feeling confident! Thank you for being so lovely, intelligent and awe inspiring!”


“I’ve followed you from halfway through my battle with binge eating disorder, all throughout my recovery and I still follow you now as a recovered woman. Your info was relevant then, it’s still relevant to me now and I’m continually blown away by just how much you know your stuff! Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for me!”


“Today I finally had enough courage to wear a bikini to the beach for the first time in my life. You inspired me to start loving my body for what it is and to stop punishing myself and to stop the self hate that I had inside me. It has been a journey, and I’m not yet finish but I know I can get there now thanks to you!”


“I just started and you have already helped me feel SO MUCH BETTER about myself!”


“Today I had an epiphany moment which I’d like to share with you. The reason I’d like to share it is because I firmly believe it wouldn’t have happened without the inspiration I have gained from following you on social media. I realise that I have had a warped view of what the concepts of ‘body love’ and ‘self-acceptance’ are all about. I honestly used to think that adopting these concepts was basically an ‘excuse’ – for me personally – to remain overweight, to eat what the hell I like ‘because, hey, who cares, it’s what’s on the inside that matters…!’, to kind of give up on my appearance, claiming that’ it’s inner beauty that matters….’! OMG! How wrong could I have been?! Thank you SO much for helping me see the light, helping me see what really matters, giving me a HUGE reality check and for helping me to finally be able to give myself a pat on the back, not ‘despite’ my size/looks/personality…. but because of them. Basically, I honestly think you’ve sent my life spinning off in a completely different – more positive – direction, and for that I will be forever grateful. Here’s to a life of : no scales, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, long walks, chilled wine, mindful eating, long baths, body lotion, nice clothes, beautiful underwear…… not when I’ve lost X amount of weight, but right now. Thank you xxx”


“I have been fighting to survive my entire life, and three years ago I decided to grow and become who I want to be, and to be who I really am in my heart and soul. I have been fighting my mind for months now, worst fight in years and are finally seeing hope and a possibility to recover. Your words really, really help me to remind myself why I keep trying over and over again. To grow, to see how far I’ve come, to live. Thank you!”


“If I hadn’t been introduced to your brand of body positivity, I wouldn’t have made it to this point. Your book gave me the courage to tackle this particular part of the journey and let go of all the diet culture I had beaten myself with for 2/3 of my life.”


“I’ve struggled with body image issues for as long as I can remember; after suffering from binge-eating disorder for several years and then jumping to restrictive dieting methods for another couple of years it’s been a difficult journey, but thanks to the help of the beautiful Anastasia I’ve been able to overcome my body image demons and am glad to say I’m not completely comfortable and happy in my own skin.”


“Finding Anastasia Amour has helped me a lot with body image. I’ve always been really self conscious because I’m a bit of a big girl and I was counting calories and obsessing about getting down to a particular size. I’ve stopped all of that now. Now, I try to focus more on loving the skin I’m in and not being scared to eat foods I love or feeling guilty afterwards.”


“Since I was little, I had terrible body image which turned into anorexia when I was 16 years old. I ended up in hospital. Nowadays I’m 18 years old and still have ups and downs but I keep fighting. Anastasia has helped me to realize that the most important thing is self-acceptance, loving and respecting our bodies exactly as they are.”


“My mom bought me a copy of Inside Out to take into hospital with me when I was forced to enter inpatient treatment for my bulimia. I must say I hated that hospital and the program did help, but what helped me most was reading your book and not feeling so crushingly alone in the world. Your words helped me get through each day and inspired me to keep fighting. I’m not fully recovered yet but I’m on my way, and I want you to know that I owe it to you. Thank you.”


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