Initial Coaching Session


Ever feel like…

+ You can’t trust yourself around the “naughty” foods?

Exercise is a chore and a painful experience that you lament?

“Clean eating” rules your life, and you’re constantly stuck in a rhythm of dieting?

Your flaws make you bad, broken or ugly?

Your behaviours around food and exercise aren’t helping you feel good about yourself?

You’re sick of desperately pouring time and money into quick fixes that promise to change your body, and are nowhere closer to feeling good about yourself?

Everyone around you is constantly judging you?

+ You don’t measure up to those around you and/or aren’t good enough?

Everyone around you has their sh*t together, but you just can’t work it out?

Your life would be better if your body were different?

It’s impossible to stop judging others around you (and yourself?)

The inner mean girl in your head just won’t sit down and shut up?

Insecurity cripples your life?

Sex with the lights on (or without a blanket covering your body) is something that will never happen for you?

Your worth as a woman depends on how attractive you are?

The changes in your body scare you and you don’t know how to make peace with them?

Then Self-Love Coaching is perfect for you!