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“Just 15 minutes into our session, I already felt more comfortable and understood with you than I have throughout my nearly 5 years of being in therapy. Your advice is amazing and I can’t wait to see where this takes me!”

29 years old

Have you ever felt like…

+ You can’t trust yourself around the “naughty” foods?

Exercise is a chore and a painful experience that you lament?

“Clean eating” rules your life, and you’re constantly stuck in a rhythm of dieting?

Your flaws make you bad, broken or ugly?

Your behaviours around food and exercise aren’t helping you feel good about yourself?

You’re sick of desperately pouring time and money into quick fixes that promise to change your body, and are nowhere closer to feeling good about yourself?

Everyone around you is constantly judging you?

+ You don’t measure up to those around you and/or aren’t good enough?

Everyone around you has their sh*t together, but you just can’t work it out?

Your life would be better if your body were different?

It’s impossible to stop judging others around you (and yourself?)

The inner mean girl in your head just won’t sit down and shut up?

Insecurity cripples your life?

Sex with the lights on (or without a blanket covering your body) is something that will never happen for you?

Your worth as a woman depends on how attractive you are?

The changes in your body scare you and you don’t know how to make peace with them?

Are you sick and tied of going it alone and can’t figure out why the hell your self-love efforts are getting you one step forward, two steps back?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Every coaching session with me includes:

A comprehensive pre-start consultation

Because you’re more than just a name on a page to me! Before we even start our session(s), I’ll get to know what makes you tick through a detailed client intake process – your history, your struggles and your strengths. That way, we won’t waste any time during your sessions and we’ll get straight to the good stuff!

Empowering discussion that gets to the heart of your struggles

Each session is 1 hour in duration, taking place at a time and interval that suits you. They’re private, one-on-one sessions conducted via Skype, so you can attend sessions at home in your pyjamas with a cup of tea, or at your local coffee shop, in the park… anywhere you feel comfortable!

I use a method known as ‘motivational interviewing’, a method that works on facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation within the client. MI is a goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence.  At the end of our session I’ll provide you with some insight, we’ll have a Q&A and I’ll issue you some homework that’s solutions-focused. We’ll remove limiting beliefs, open up opportunities and create tangible action plans to help you move forward with ease. And, whether I only see you once or we have regular sessions together, my goal is always to provide you with tools, strategies and understanding for the long term that you can apply to your life in a sustainable way… it’s all part of my number one priority to determine and deliver an approach that works for you!

Practical, take-home action points

Our sessions don’t stop when we log off Skype… at the end of each session, I’ll send you notes outlining what we’ve covered as well as some homework action points to put your knowledge into practice before our next session. You’re learning constantly – in practical, applicable ways that you can switch into gear in your everyday life.

Your own personal cheerleader

Let’s be fair… undoing years of confusion can be tough and sometimes, you’ll want to reach out for reassurance that you’re going in the right direction, or you may just have a quick question. It doesn’t have to wait until our next session!  Email me at any time for my full support or even jump on a mini Skype call, because I’m there for you 100% of the way.

Access to my private, members-only Facebook group

Believe me when I say this… you are not alone! Every coaching session comes with an invite to my private Facebook group where you can network, share stories and gain support from women around the world who are going through what you’re going through, right now. There’s power in camaraderie, and I want to help you find your tribe.


How frequently do sessions occur?

I offer a range of session packages. We can also take it session by session to help you test the waters of what you’re comfortable with. The majority of my clients Skype with me once a fortnight, to give them time to digest the information that we cover and put it into practice before the next time that they see me. But depending on the issues that we identify, we may elect to hold sessions more or less frequently. Session times can be flexibly arranged around your family/work/social commitments at a time that suits you.

Can this coaching work in conjunction with other treatment(s)?
Absolutely. In your pre-consultation form, we’ll discuss any other therapy or treatment that you’re undertaking so that I can get a clear picture of the work that you’re doing and tailor our time together accordingly. In the case of clients who are already working with a team/additional professionals, I am more than happy to liaise with your treatment team so that we can ensure a comprehensive and thorough approach to your care.


Is there anyone who isn't suitable for coaching?
If you’re after help with issues unrelated to body image, self-esteem or mindset around eating & exercise, I recommend that you consult with a different specialist who can better serve your needs. Additionally, this coaching (although helpful for those in ED recovery) is not intended as a replacement for the services of other professionals such as psychotherapists, dieticians or in/outpatient treatment.

If you’re in need of immediate crisis support, please refer to this list of worldwide 24hr support hotlines. If you are under the age of 18, I am unable to provide you with coaching support.

What clients are saying

“You’re helping me to put years of yo-yo dieting, tears and unhappiness behind me. I’m finally appreciating my body and I’m healthier as a result, and it feels so damn good!”


35 years old

“You keep me motivated to carry on with recovery – thank you!”


30 years old

“When you said “your body is on board with healing, we just need to get your mind there too,” you hit the nail on the head. The second you mentioned that I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.I was just telling my husband last night what a blessing you’ve been so far. I am hopeful for what is to come as we continue to push ahead. Before, I didn’t really have much hope that things could change.”


31 years old

“It’s like you just get me!”


34 years old

“I had a breakthrough yesterday. It was one of the “AHA!” moments you’ve told me about. I caught myself out judging a girl I work with and it dawned on me that everything bad that I feel about her is a projection of EXACTLY how I feel about myself. It was a sad realization but it was liberating. I took myself to the bathroom and apologized to myself and I cried. It was like I was lifting a weight off my chest and letting myself breathe again. This is the start of knowing myself.”


32 years old

“For the first time, when I talk to you I feel like someone actually GETS me. I don’t feel so paralysed talking about the way that I feel and after 30 years of unhappiness you’re helping me see the light. I have a long way to go but with your help, I know I can get there!”


50 years old

“I just started and you have already helped me feel SO MUCH BETTER about myself!”


26 years old

“I was nervous to start therapy at first but I’m finding it super helpful. I’m able to apply the tips you’ve taught me when I’m in class and with my friends. I feel like I’m getting better at being nicer to myself and my mom says she’s really noticing a change in me. I just know this will help me grow into a confident woman!”


18 years old

“I knew I needed help with this stuff when I contacted you, but I didn’t realise how badly! I’d been treating myself so poorly for so long that it felt normal. Now in hindsight, I’m so glad I’m past that place. I feel more comfortable in my skin and the way I interact with clients at my gym is totally different too. Thank you!”


38 years old

“Honestly, working with you is the best investment I’ve ever made. I completely underestimated just how valuable it would be. Just to have a space to speak the thoughts I never thought I could tell anyone and stop carrying the burden by myself is the greatest feeling. I wish I’d done this sooner!”


24 years old

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“I’m so glad I decided to take the leap and do this! Now that I know how to treat myself with love… I’m a happier woman, a more confident wife and a happier mother!”

32 years old