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That’s where I come in.

Because I get it.

I’ve been where you are.

Like you, I’ve been so obsessed with my body that I wasted entire days, months, years of my life plotting ways to shrink myself (because maybe then I’d be better, sexier, prettier, more worthy of dating, maybe then I’d be able to love myself… spoiler alert, that didn’t work).

Like you, I’ve been rocking my life, looking all put together on the surface… but deep down, feeling insecure as hell and wishing that someone would help me feel as confident, comfortable and at peace that everyone else seemed to think I was.

Like you, I’ve sought help in quick fixes and trawled Dr. Google for a solution because surely, there must be something wrong with me.

Hi, I’m Anastasia,
Self-Love Coach.

And when it comes to tumultuous body relationships, I’ve experienced it all. From being the ‘fat kid’ to life-threatening Anorexia Nervosa, diet cycles, laxative abusive, self-loathing, relapses and more… I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt (it said, “I spent all my life hating my body and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”).

It was only when I realised that my worth had to come from within that I was able to totally transform the way I saw myself… not by changing my body, but by finding self-love. Now, I teach women around the world how to ditch the bullshit, drop the diets and step into their glorious, badass selves.

So. many. women. waste their lives away, expending all their energy on trying desperately to fit into an old pair of skinny jeans, denying themselves the cookie and slogging away, moving their bodies in ways that make them feel like maybe hell really is a place on earth.

Let me ask you something… who taught you to first start feeling ashamed about your body?

That shame, guilt and fear that so many of us feel isn’t our fault. It’s the result of years of indoctrination into a culture that tells us that women are better when they’re barely there; that +1 pound on the scale brings us closer to failure; that it’s our responsibility to conform to what a woman “should” be (and who the f*** set those rules, anyway?!)

I know, because I’ve felt it too. Decades of my life have been spent fixated on, “If I can just lose a liiiiiitle bit more weight, I’ll finally feel good about myself!”

But, news flash, I didn’t.

Starving myself through yo-yo dieting (which eventually developed into anorexia) didn’t magically strip my insecurities from me. In fact, it amplified them.

There I was, skinny, pretty… why wasn’t I happy? Why were my insecurities still there, just re-packaged in a smaller and equally miserable body?

This is the narrative that diet culture instills in all of us.

I’ll tell you something groundbreaking, though… it’s not about your body (not even a little bit, not at all).

The shame that you’ve been spoon-fed, the fear of what happens if you become the opposite of what you ‘should’ be, the guilt that you just don’t “get it” like you think everyone else does…

All of that can disappear.

It might seem impossible right now, but it’s true.

We can all access self-love… if only we open our eyes.

– My philosophy –

Self-love with substance.

Because YES, there’s a science to it! It’s not all fluffy, hippy woo-woo “Have a candlelit bath and look fondly at your stretch marks!” – it’s real psychology broken down in ways that you can apply right now. It’s not always easy. It’s a non-linear journey that lasts a lifetime. And it’s freakin’ LIFE-CHANGING.

I teach women that self-love is:


Embracing the body that you’ve got right now and treating it with respect.

 Making peace with every line, scar, bump and curve on your body, along with the stories that go with them.

 Building resilience for your bad days.

  Knowing that your body is beautiful, but your body is not all that you have to offer the world.

 Understanding that only you get to define what makes you, you.

 Learning to tap into what you need from yourself in order to thrive.

 Being your own biggest cheerleader.

 Celebrating all the amazing things that your body does for you!

 Open, kind and honest.

A lifelong journey, not a destination.

Helping women find self-love is what lights my soul up.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping women all around the world to move past eating disorders, yo-yo dieting, body insecurity and low self-esteem.

Because we all deserve to feel confident and accepting in our own skin. We all deserve to be given the tools to feel sane around food and exercise; to drown out toxic messages that do not serve us and to make peace with our flaws.

And although every person’s journey to self-acceptance is different… every journey matters.

Professional Bio

Anastasia Amour is a Self-Love Coach and the bestselling author of Inside Out: Your 14-Day Guide To Transform Your Mind-Body Relationship. In her signature straight-talking style, Anastasia teaches women how to embrace their bodies, find self-acceptance, and make peace with food and exercise so that they can start truly living. Renowned by respected media outlets globally, her mission is to inspire women across the globe to shun toxic media standards and look within for their own sense of worth. Anastasia is a proud member of the Association For Size Diversity And Health and National Eating Disorders Collaboration, as well as a Registered Associate Member with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

BA. Communications (Murdoch University), Adv. Dip. in Counselling (Monash University), Adv. Dip. in Eating Disorder Treatment (UCL), Dip. in Food Psychology (Deakin University), Dip. in Psychology and Mental Health (RMIT) & Cert. in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Flinders University) & further studies ongoing.

You might not know where to start, what to say or even how to get started at all… but rest assured, I’m right here with you every step of the way. Through the good times, the not-so-good times and the times where you just need to know it’s ok to feel like you. Self-love is a journey, and it all starts right here, right now. You just need to make the decision to start.

If you’re a woman that’s sick and tired of feeling totally blah with her body…

Hey. Let’s talk. Because it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m going to show you, not tell you, how to make that happen.

I work with women all over the world of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. You can work with me in two ways:

If you want specialised, one-on-one talk about all your concerns, curly questions and hesitations around body image, self-love, food, movement and more… book a session with me! All sessions take place via Skype and can be booked to suit your timezone :)

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