A comprehensive guide to break through the bulls**t, stop hating your body and find radical, lifelong self-love.


And if you’re like most of us, you’ve got another image in your mind… an image of what your life should look like. Right?

+ Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.
+ Wearing whatever the hell you want.
+ Not letting insecurity keep you stuck and afraid.
+ Ditching the diet cycle.
+ Not obsessing over the scale.
+ Making choices that feel positive and healthful to you.
Drawing upon self-love in everything that you do.

BUT… living in a culture that tells women that being
pretty a
nd thin is the best they can ever strive for…

You’re struggling to find
the clarity and direction
to make self-love happen

That’s where Self-Love Breakthrough comes in!

Self-Love Breakthrough is all about giving you the exact steps you need to find self-love.

I’m going to teach you my unique processes for uncovering what’s holding you back, and how to translate that into practical, actionable ways forward. Because when you know what’s keeping you stuck, you have the secret to changing it and living a beautiful, flourishing life brimming with confidence!

I want to help you stop wasting your time, money energy  (and life!) on dieting, insecurity and body loathing… you truly deserve better than that. I want to show you the roadmap to self-love… at any size, any level of health, any age. Because when we love, honour and understand ourselves – making positive, healthful, sustainable choices comes effortlessly.

Don’t spend another day second guessing your worth!


Here’s the path that we’ll walk together…

The course content is broken down into three main sections, designed to help you easily navigate the journey from self-loathing to self-love.


Module 1: Mind
Getting the foundations of your mindset right

Sub-modules include…

  • 1.1 – Stories We Tell Ourselves: To change our future, we need to challenge the personal narratives that hold us back!
  • 1.2 – Fear & Triggers: Insecurity is no match for you once you learn the skills in these lessons!
  • 1.3 – Comparison & Jealousy: If you ever find yourself judging yourself by the benchmark of every other woman… this is soooo for you.
  • 1.4 – Relationships: The way you view yourself impacts the way you carry out relationships. From significant others to friends, family and colleagues… we delve into it all.

Module 2: Body
Exploring how you eat, move and relate to your body

Sub-modules include…

  • 2.1 – Food: What does it mean to eat “normally” and how the hell do we do that? We talk it through (including the psychological and biological processes that are involved) and find a peaceful way forward.
  • 2.2 – Exercise: Joyful movement vs soul-sucking movement, meeting ourselves halfway & more!
  • 2.3 – Weight: If you’ve ever felt like your weight was a problem or a struggle, you NEED to read these lessons. For real. 
  • 2.4 – Appearance & Resilience: We talk beauty culture, bad body image days and the reflection staring back at you.
  • 2.5 – Diet Culture: We pull apart the culture that tells women that they’re only worth more when they weigh less, and how we can move past the lure of dieting. If you’ve ever dieted, these lessons are a must-read.

Module 3: Soul
Setting the sustainable habits to make self-love last a lifetime

Sub-modules include…

  • 2.1 – Self-Care: Beyond the stereotypical image of bubble baths and lighting candles, let’s talk self-love with SUBSTANCE.  We talk real, practical habits and how to set them up so they don’t feel like a chore.
  • 2.2 – Helping Others Rise: When you’re onto a good thing, you wanna share it! The roadmap to raising self-loving children, cultivating self-loving friends and helping uplift those in your community with you. When we rise, we rise together!
  • 2.3 – Self-Expression & Identity: Individuality is an awesome and beautiful thing! Let’s get to the core of who you really are and find out how you can care for all the various facets of your identity as you walk through life.

This course will take you from uncertainty and insecurity to crystal clear, radical, life changing self-love.

This is helping me put years of yoyo dieting and misery behind me. I’m appreciating my body & I’m healthier as a result. – Cate B.

After 30 years of unhappiness, I’m now starting to see the light! – Theresa S.

I can’t even fathom how much time, money and energy I would have saved on hating myself if I’d found this 10 years ago! – Courtney P.

I feel like I belong in my body, I’m treating myself well… I feel like such a badass! I owe it all to this course. – Sam R.

This has been life changing and I feel strong enough now to make this last forever. Thank you. – Janine S.

Worth every penny… and then some!!! – Brandi M.


Get the full package:

Worksheets, activities & step-by step info.

If you’re ready to dive into the course content, and want the added extras of community support, journal, cards and 1-on-1 feedback with me, then this option is for you! You’ll get full access to all course materials, worksheets, resources and activities.

3 course modules including over 100 lessons

Over 200 worksheets to help you put what you learn into practice

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3 mini-coaching sessions with me via Skype to ask any curly questions you have

Book, Journal & Deck of Cards

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Access to a members-only Facebook group to chat with fellow students

– OR – Get the eCourse only:

Just the basics, no frills!

You’ll get full access to all the digital course content including lessons, worksheets and resources without the add-ons of coaching feedback, community or self-love goodies. Don’t worry – you can upgrade at any time to get the full package :)

Converts to 147 USD / 113 GBP / 199 CAD

3 course modules including over 100 lessons

Over 200 worksheets to help you put what you learn into practice



When are lessons and worksheets delivered?

You get full access to all course materials (including lessons, modules, worksheets, exercises and more) immediately upon purchase – yours to download and devour however you choose. This course is self-paced, so there’s no waiting for new materials to be delivered to your inbox each week. You set the pace that’s most comfortable for you.

How much time do I need to invest in this course each week?

The amount of time that you invest per week is entirely up to you… that’s the beauty of a self-paced course! Wanna smash through some lessons one week? You can do that. Next week if you’ve got a full calendar? Delay it.

The course works around you and integrates seamlessly into your life according to how much time you prefer to spend on it at a time. Each lesson takes between 1-4 hours to complete and the lesson durations are listed, so you can pick and choose the lessons to focus on each time you study depending on how much time you have.

And because you have lifetime access, there’s no rush to sprint to the finish line.

What if I’m afraid?

That’s okay! Most of the women who sign up to work with me are at least a little bit nervous… and that’s natural when you’re hoping to shift your mindset entirely! After all, you’ve been let down by so many diets and programs in the past and you don’t want to be disappointed.

I promise you (hand on heart, pinky swear) that you will not be disappointed. You will walk away from this course with a transformed outlook and an amazing set of strategies to implement in your life that will help you eat, move, think and speak with self-love.

If you’re nervous that the material might be confronting, I promise you, you’re in safe hands. This is what I do and what I love to do, and I’ve seen the transformation in all of the women that I’ve worked with. You’re walked through the material every step of the way and if ever you need me, I’m right there with you.

Solidarity, sister.

If you identify that:

+ You feel insecure about your body/weight/appearance
+ You’re not sure how to eat or feel out of control around certain foods
+ Exercise is a love/hate (or hate/hate!) task for you
+ You place a lot of emphasis on your appearance to dictate how you feel

Then Self-Love Breakthrough can help you! The knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work, how diet culture harms us and how to find peace, love and acceptance for ourselves…. well, that benefits us all! Plain and simple.

Do the lessons expire?

Neverrrrrr! Never ever ever ever.

When you purchase this course, you get lifetime access. So long as this course exists, you’ll have access to it. And, if for some reason the course is ever discontinued, you’ll receive a download to all of the course materials so that you can still use them whenever you like.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

My inbox is always open, and I’m happy to answer any questions – click here to email me.


About the course creator

Hi there, gorgeous soul! I’m Anastasia.

I’m over the moon that we’ve crossed paths! I’m a Self-Love Coach and I’ve helped thousands of women of all ages from around the world to stop hating their bodies, break free of insecurity and find self-love with substance. My world lights up when I see women realise their true worth and find the “Aha!” moments that they’ve been needing all along.

When you work with me…there’s none of this frilly, fluffy, “Have a bubble bath and smile at yourself” s**t that we’re lead to believe that self-love is about. That may look pretty on Pinterest, but it ain’t reality. And you and I both know that a bubble bath isn’t gonna change your insecurities. Here, we talk REAL, tangible, practical self-love.


I speak your language. Sass, personality, occasional f-bombs and all. Nothing cold and clinical here – and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

You can rest easy knowing that I know my stuff. Certified, credentialed and all. More of that on my About page.

I can relate to everything that you’re feeling right now. Yo-yo dieting, self-loathing… I feel you. I know exactly how it feels to walk through every step of this journey that I’m about to guide you through. And that experience is what makes me different from every other coach who wants to tell you how to feel, without really feeling it themselves.