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Why you gain belly fat after menopause (and that’s okay!)
“I think it takes recognizing that this change in your body is not because something is wrong with you. You are not malfunctioning. You are simply living in a culture that isn’t accepting of fat bodies and old women. So, instead of putting our energy towards fighting fat and hiding your age, let’s redirect it towards fighting fat and age phobia. This means doing the work to not only embrace the fat on your body, and your age, but to embrace fat on all bodies and women of all ages.”

“Well it has been years and I have not lost ‘the weight’. Yes, there are other places on my body I can decorate, but this is not the point-the point here is that I am perpetrating body terrorism upon myself, convincing my self that my current body is not worthy of decorating.”
You don’t have to ‘lose the weight’ to be worthy of self-love.

If part of you wants to eat it and another part of you doesn’t… which part do you listen to?
For more on IE/ME, make sure to check out Self-Love Breakthrough!

Does everything feel too hard right now?
These 101 self-care suggestions are an easy entry point.

Why promising weight loss to patients is unethical.
“In promising our clients weight-loss, we leave them feeling like “a failure” when they inevitably lose the weight and then proceed to gain it back. Of the 5% who do maintain the weight loss long-term, many of them either have disordered eating, eating disorders, or spend the majority of their days fixated on food and exercise. This focus is simply not an ideal way to live.”

How body positivity lost its true and radical meaning.
This is an important read, y’all. NOTE: self-love and body positivity are inherently different. Self-love, which is what I teach, is personal and individual – and it in itself can be so damn radical and life changing. Body positivity is a political movement and a collective community space. When the two become conflated, the marginalised voices and bodies that BP was set up by and created for become erased from the space. And that’s not helpful to anyone.

This post from Haley Shevener about the nutrition/fitness industry is so good.
And sadly, so spot on.

A round up of photography that captures what depression feels like.
Trigger warning on this one – if you feel like you’re not in a safe place right now to be able to view these images without your depression harming you, please don’t click.

The ugly truth about the intersection of weddings and diet culture.
I’ve just watched my beautiful cousin get married, and having got married last year… I have a deeper understanding of bridal diet culture than I did before. It’s insidious and it sucks. Fuck that noise.

Art journalling!
Do you do it? As y’all know, I love journalling but art journalling is something that I haven’t explored too much. Today, I’m starting. Join me?

5 questions to ask yourself before getting into an online argument.
This may be helpful if you’ve ever argued with a troll online… Lord knows I have, and Lord knows it has never achieved a damn thing.

The neurobiology of a break up.
(A.K.A. the science behind why you feel like your entire soul has just been fucking murdered.)

Wanna diversify who you follow on Instagram?
Jes Baker has a ton of suggestions!

An interesting concept…
Because social media really can become an echo chamber. If you try this tool out, let me know how it works for you!

5 beliefs about anxiety that make you more anxious.
The “I need to get over it in the next X minutes/hours days” is the one that trips me (and many people that I speak with) up the most. Can you relate?

This’ll hit you right in the feels.
Your power lies in how you handle your pain.

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