“I’ll love myself, just as soon as I lose the weight.”⠀

“I’ll start eating well just as soon as I can let go of my sugar cravings”⠀

“I’ll care for myself, just as long as I can be healthy”⠀

Ever said anything like the above?

How did that work out for you?⠀

Did forcing yourself to chase an endless mirage of goals and tick-boxes bring you sustainable, holistic happiness or body peace?⠀

If you’re feeling insecure in your body and think changing your body is the solution… think again.⠀

Because your body isn’t the problem. It’s fear.⠀

Fear of judgement.⠀

Fear of loss of control.⠀

Fear of yourself.⠀

Fear of being alone.

Fear of rebelling against everything that our culture tells you, because holy hell… what if it backfires?⠀

I get it. Girl, do I get it.⠀

But I also believe in you.

And I believe in your potential.

And I *KNOW* that you deserve a life that isn’t ruled by fear… a life that isn’t dictated by the next body milestone you have to hit before maaaaaaybe you’re worthy of self-love.⠀

Ask yourself, what have you got to lose in trying a new approach?

What if you approach yourself as a whole person, deserving of self-love, and then see what amazing changes that manifests in your mental health (and then, as a result of that, what behavioural changes follow)?⠀

Sure, it’s scary… but so is remaining stuck in diet-land forever.⠀

You can choose to stay scared, or you can run with the fear and gamble on yourself. No… not gamble… INVEST.

Is it worth it to you?⠀

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