This fucking headline – “43 years, 102 pounds: This 91-year-old Littleton woman conquered her weight loss goal before dying peacefully”
I thought this was satire, and was horrified to find that it’s not.This poor woman spent half a century trying to “conquer the scale”, finally did, and died 3 weeks later. And it’s being celebrated as if that wasn’t a massive robbery of her life, her soul, her potential and everything else that she would have achieved in her life. THIS is diet culture, right here. And this shit is toxic.

How to apologise
This should be mandatory reading for all humans. And it’s only 4 little steps. We can all do this, and we all should do this.

Some great guidelines for talking (or not talking) about food.
Mindfulness is key!

An open letter to wellness media and ‘influencers’
THIS. YES. This wraps up so much of what I have a problem with about wellness culture on social media.

How to stop checking your phone.
Ironically, I’m writing this from my phone! bookmarks this for later

What to do when people make jokes about mental illness.
Language matters. Language contributes to stigma. We can all help crush stigma.

SO MUCH YES to this wonderful piece, which accurately sums up my attitude to the coaching work that I do with clients and subsequently, my contributions to the community in general.


Your work could bring massive sustainable change to many lives, families, and communities, but it won’t if you don’t critically look at the social context that you’re working within.

The problems you help solve for your clients are most often symptoms of a much deeper and widespread systemic problem that we must get to the root of. You say you want to change the world, but what is it, in the world, that you want to change? You’ve got to name it to tame it.2

Our socioeconomic and environmental issues affect every single one of the people you work with either actively or passively.”

Why it’s harder to exercise when you feel judged.
Another nail in the coffin of everyone who suggests that fat shaming is a valid form of motivation!

5 self-care practices that aren’t fucking mani-pedis.
LOVE this. Self-care can be frivolous, but it can also be significant and raw and meaningful. And that’s where the real growth is.

If you’ve been advised to avoid certain foods due to intolerance…
But still want to practice intuitive eating, read this.

Jack of all trades, stuck with a ton.
Beating generosity burnout!

The hilarity of using a menstrual cup.
These tweets are accurate, y’all.

Mini rant: For real though, despite the (very real) struggle of getting the hang of them at first… they’re game changers. Probably not for everyone but for me… MASSIVE DIFFERENCE made.

I’ve been a tampons gal for most of my menstruating life. Years of my period stopping (then starting, then stopping, then starting) in the wake of anorexia has left me with immensely painful periods. After researching how the toxins & chemicals in typical cotton supermarket tampons can increase the pain, I switched to a cup (I use the JuJu) and OH MY LORDY. The difference. AMAZING.

And not to mention that they’re reusable (yay, reducing landfill!) and last around 10 years. For the $50 per cup, over the 120 periods that you may have in a decade, that breaks down to around $0.41 per period.

Considering that the average woman uses 20 tampons per cycle (at around $7 per box), that equates to $84 per year, or $840 for the ten years.


Wherever possible, think consciously about your menstrual product usage and how you can make things easier on yourself (and the environment!)

And for something completely unrelated… Ikea hacks!
Because affordable furniture that looks luxe can make a huge difference to how positively you perceive a space :)

A diet by any other name is still a diet.
Here’s how to spot one.

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