Dear diets,

F*** YOU for taking our precious time, money, potential and sanity.

F*** YOU for ever trying to convince us that it was the size of our thighs that was the problem.

F*** YOU for pleading “Oh it’s about your health!” when clearly, to anyone watching, you’ve got an obsession with the aesthetics.

F*** YOU for poisoning the minds of girls as young as EIGHT.

F*** YOU for presenting yourself in every women’s magazine, every TV ad break, every billboard and every wedding dress shop.

... And for what?

To pay the mortgages of the wealthy few at the top of the $64BILLION per year diet industry?

To keep women small, miserable and easy to sell to?

To keep women busy and stop them from achieving something TANGIBLE and WORTHWHILE?

F*** that.

“So just don’t diet if you don’t like it, jeez! It’s not that big a deal!”

Oh, quite the contrary.

“Just ignore it” is easier said than done when the culture in which we live is obsessed with the idea of ‘health’, but only when ‘health’ is defined by an aesthetic.

Lean, lithe, small, thin.

And of course, thin bodies *can* be healthy bodies. But, until we start culturally obsessing over cholesterol counts, blood work, mental health progress, stool samples, menstrual cycle regularity or bone density… we cannot say that the obsession with diets is an obsession with health.

We can’t.

And we can’t know a person’s true health simply by looking at them. A visual assessment of someone’s health based on how thin they are and whether they’re wearing a Lorna Jane tank is dangerous. It’s fed to us by the diet industry as a justification that we can use as to why we stay in a cycle that so obviously makes us miserable and actually DETRACTS from our health.

It’s part of the greater cultural narrative of shame, guilt and fear… the cornerstones of the diet industry.

An industry that tells us, “Every time you think you can have dessert, eat naked in front of the mirror. Try and feel good about eating when you see yourself naked.”

An industry that tells women on page 1 of the magazine to love themselves, then on page 10 tells them that they’re fat and that’s ruining their chances of love, success, motherhood and fulfilment.

An industry that routinely manipulates, lies and covers facts about what dieting actually does to the body in the long term, to conveniently keep lining their pockets.

Because when they keep women small and insecure (figuratively and literally), they can sell to those women for as long as they continue to associate any changes in their body with failure.

Of course, bodies being dynamic living organisms… they change. Constantly.


Every fucking second.

How convenient for you, dear diet industry, and how inconvenient for everyone else (to say the least). 


Let’s break it down, shall we? 

+ The typical adult woman in the western world will make between 4-10 diet attempts every year.

+ The weight loss industry is worth over $64 billion, every single year.

+ There are 108 million people on diets right now in the United States.

+ Celebrities are paid between $500,000 to $3 million per diet that they endorse.

+ 85% of weight loss product consumers are female.

+ 95% of diets will fail to help participants lose weight at all.

+ Almost half of 9-10 year old girls are on a diet right now.

+ 81% of 10 year old girls are more afraid of being fat than they are of dying.

+ Of the 5% of diets that ‘succeed’, most of those dieters will go on to regain all the weight plus more within 2-3 years.

+ 35% of “occasional dieters” progress into pathological dieters.

+ Over the ages of 17 (the age which most women start dieting) to 70 years of age, that adds up to $41,007.22 over a lifetime spent on dieting.

+ The average woman will spend 17 years of her life dieting.

+ The average woman will spend $788.91 every year on dieting, diet products and other weight loss “solutions”.

+ 88% of women aged 18-40 report feeling body dissatisfaction every day, ranging from moderate to severe.


And, dear diets… we’ve found something better:

Body peace. Intuitive, mindful eating. Joyful movement. Sanity. Clarity. Rebellion. Liberation. FREEDOM.

And it tastes sooooooooo much better than your shitty cardboard, low carb/fat/sugar/nutrient/life/everything meal replacement bars.



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