Your beauty lies in your truth.
Comparisons are a weapon which we beat ourselves up with.

If you’re in ED recovery and feel like giving up, read this.

“It’s important to note that recovery is not a linear process. No matter where you are in your journey, it’s important to practice being kind to yourself. You are doing the best you can given the coping skills that you have, and you can also work to change and improve. It’s normal to have setbacks and to make mistakes, but what matters is that you learn from them and continue to work towards recovery.”

On letting the light in and exploring the self in therapy.
Honestly, I think everyone could use regular therapy.

‘Dear Daughter, I have failed you.’
If this doesn’t break your damn heart, I don’t know what will. But one thing that gives me joy… maybe 75% my coaching clients are mothers. And ALL OF THEM are partially doing the whole working on their self-love thing because they want to set an awesome example for their daughters. And that’s fucking awesome.

The universe has 10x more galaxies than we thought.
You are a part of it, and it a part of you.

The beauty industry tells us that being beautiful means being white.
And that’s such a hot load of bullshit.

Selfishness isn’t always a bad thing.
In fact, a lot of my clients tell me that they feel selfish if they take ANY amount of time for themselves in their lives. We need to honour ourselves before we can properly assist others!

Struggling to start a journalling practice?
Try these prompts :)

Is sugar physically addictive?
Thank you, Isabel Foxen Duke! Slaying it as always.100% yes. A large handful of my clients want to incorporate eliminating sugar/gluten, eating ‘clean’ etc and the philosophy always comes back to looking at the why…. WHY do you want to restrict? What are you hoping to achieve? Are you seeking to truly make peace with yourself or simply learn how to dabble in restriction (not possible)? We need to address the fallacy of having ‘control’ over our bodies, rather than simply re-labelling restriction under the guise of health.

Thanks, PopSugar, for including me in this roundup!
It’s nice to see some baby steps toward diversity in this roundup too. Greater representation for marginalised voices and bodies is a huge focus of mine this year. I have a responsibility to use my platform to lift others!

The secret to peace?

If suicidal ideation can be a routine part of your life/mental illness, it’s important to know what to do when those feelings hit.
If you can devise a strategy when you’re in a positive frame of mind, it’s much easier to follow it when things start to feel out of control.

If you live and work in the digital world like I do, you’ll probably have experienced the special kind of burnout that can only be described as, “If I see one more motherf***ing notification pop up on my phone right now I think I’m going to smash my face against my desk and cry.”
Take breaks, y’all. Often. 

This is completely wonderful.
If you’ve ever struggled with body image, look at this.

Super Fat Erasure: 4 Ways Smaller Fat Bodies Crowd the Conversation
An interesting read – the ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ fatty archetypes are very deeply ingrained in thin-centric culture.

What if nobody wants me around?
Tackling self-worth in social anxiety.

HUGS FOR YOUR JUGS! I’d share this article for the title alone.
But seriously, breast self-care is important. And whether you choose no bra vs bra wearing, it’s important that you’re comfortable in your choices and comfortable in your body!

Compassion > chronic self-righteousness.
Important stuff, now more than ever.

Do you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person or an empath?

This piece from breaks down why it’s *SO* important for you to engage in frequent self-care. Being a HSP has its perks but, carrying the emotions of others and feeling drained can wear you down and leave you vulnerable to negative emotions of your own. Take care of yourself.
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