“Smile – fake it till you make it!”
Unhelpful pieces of advice that anyone with anxiety will relate to!

Just in case you thought the work of feminism was done.
I don’t know about you, but I want little girls to know that they can aspire to having more than just pretty hair.


Not every eating disorder is the result of intense environmental trauma.

“I kept saying, I was not abused, my parents are still together, there was no significant trauma, so why, why is this happening. What I realised is that we as a society have a warped idea of recognizing trauma, or what warrants a valid reason for feeling hurt, or having pain. I realised my journey was about more subtle things that at first don’t even appear to be issues. But they were vital for me. What brings each person to an eating disorder differs for every person and one person’s experience doesn’t and shouldn’t minimize another persons. The pain inside an eating disorder is intense and unique for everyone and it is your personal responsibility to understand your own journey, your own story and heal it.”

“How then could we be so multiple to have secrets from ourselves?”
A simple way of breaking down why we can become disconnected and out of touch with our own emotions, and what to do about it.

If someone in your life is suicidal, this is how you support them.
An important read for everyone, because you never know who will struggle with depression and/or suicidal ideation at some point.

Amy Schumer destroyed this heckler.
Fucking YES to women taking no shit!

I’m lucky to have supportive and wonderful parents. But some aren’t so lucky.
If you’re a parent, please read this and ensure you’re not unintentionally (or intentionally) sabotaging your kid’s shot at a healthy self-esteem.

I recommend journalling to a lot of my clients to help them find themselves.
And there are plenty of creative ways to do it, too (and it totally doesn’t have to be all, “Dear Diary…” either!)

Introvert hangovers are real.
And boy, do I feel them! It takes me a good day or two to recover from social situations!

How to emotionally process running a business.
This was a huge part of why I found myself taking unplanned time off at the end of 2016. It’s funny, because I build my business to have structures in place to let me set boundaries and have freedom, but I’ve rarely used them. Why?

Fear. I let the whole “What if in the 14 days I’m offline, everyone forgets who I am and no one ever pays attention to what I can offer again?!?” panic set in. And that fear had been grinding me down. I didn’t want to approach my business (the business of helping people… which I see as SO DAMN IMPORTANT) be impacted by this. I had to practice what I preach. And taking that time off was one of the best decisions I made. We can’t pour from an empty cup, as I’m forever saying to my clients!

“Yes, I’ve gained weight. And it’s no one’s fucking business. It’s a normal thing that happens to bodies.”
Pure awesomeness from Brittany Gibbons.

What it’s like to go without complaining for a month.
Our mindset can often be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This project is beautiful.
If you have anxiety, you’re not alone. Far from it!

Why ‘tough love’ is no way to treat your fat friend. Or anyone that you care about, for that matter.
“Let us soften. Love is tough enough without tough love.”

Mastering your neuroticism…
Kind of.

If you’ve ever struggled to apply body positivity to yourself in times of stress, read this.

“I had always thought I was body positive. I had long preached body acceptance and appreciated bodies of all shapes and sizes and abilities. I bared my postpartum body without shame, even accepting my stretch marks with relative ease. I had never had a problem with loving myself, until now. I realized it was a whole lot easier to preach self-love when I always had a body that fit into what society deemed good and normal. I was always naturally thin without putting in much effort. Even though I flaunted my postpartum body, I did so with the knowledge that my body was resilient and would “bounce back” to its natural shape before long. It was easy to love the changes in my pregnant and postpartum body because I knew it was fleeting.This time there were no guarantees. I knew that there were no babies on the horizon. I knew that this was my new normal, and it no longer fit neatly within the mold I had always known and embraced while easily claiming the title of someone who was body positive and full of self-love. It turned out I did have deeply ingrained ideas about what a “bikini body” should be and what “healthy” looked like, at least for me.”

Why do people self-harm?
An insightful read for those who struggle to understand the actions of a self-harmer in their life. Approaching these situations with compassion is the key.

Diversify your life.

How to talk to your kids proactively about sex.
And cybersex, too.

Men have body insecurities too. Even the ones who fit society’s “ideal” narrative.
If you swear like a sailor like I do, you’ll appreciate this even more. If you’re not a fan of swearing or if you’re in a sensitive environment, maybe don’t click this one right now.

Mad respect for anyone who has ever grown a human being inside them and birthed it to the world.
I never plan to do it but I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire the strength of those who choose to (Shoutout to my incredible mum who powered through an absolute nightmare of a labour with me!)

“Giving up drinking opened up my eyes to the infuriating truth about why women drink.”
Obviously this rationale cannot possibly ever apply to EVERY woman who chooses to drink, but it’s an interesting look at alcohol culture and how it reinforces social norms.

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