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Why is it so hard to imagine our lives after dieting?

“Letting go of the dream of thinness is one thing. Really recognizing that we live in a culture that promotes injustice, self-harm and the diminished lives of women — and REFUSING to play along — is quite another.”

These women are redefining dance with their wheelchairs.
And it’s so damn awesome!

On treating anorexia with passion.
A new way of looking at things.

Rock that bikini, girl!
14 women share the things that got them over the line and helped them feel confident on the beach.

Add it to the growing mountain of evidence…. diets don’t work.

“It’s hard to think of any other disease—if you want to call it that—where treatment rarely works and most people are blamed for not “recovering.””

Thoughts on experiencing recovery when your partner doesn’t know how to support you.
An important read.

Abnormalities found in ‘insight’ areas of the brain in anorexia.
This could change how we treat EDs!

How forced awareness of calorie counts can harm those in ED recovery.

“Forced awareness of caloric content in pursuit of health is misguided. Not only does it suggest that thinness is the primary measure of health but it impedes movement toward true health in a population at high risk… [a] one-size-fits all public policy always carries with it unintended consequences.”

Are you getting married, and have suffered from an eating disorder?
These helpful tips for an ED-free wedding are spot on.

The problem with food and exercise studies.
One day drinking coffee is good for us, the next it’s lethal.

A gentle reminder from the lovely Josée Sovinsky Nutrition that there are plenty of reasons to move your bod that have nothing to do with reducing the amount of space it takes up!
Fun, connection, self-care… move that bod, babe!

Relaxation techniques that work.
For all of you working through this month right up until holiday break time, please give yourself permission to relax!

You do not teach someone to take care of themselves by telling them to hate themselves. You cannot hate your body into loving it.

“It seems that we now have some solid evidence to support the idea that fat acceptance and body love are inherently linked to shaping a more healthy and positive lifestyle. The study, conducted by Eric Robinson of the Institute of Psychology at Liverpool University, shows that feelings of discrimination may be causing overweight people to comfort eat, therefore leading to weight gain. So perhaps – just perhaps – public humiliation isn’t the way to encourage healthy attitudes, after all.”

Sure, you’ve heard of anorexia, OCD, depression, and anxiety; they’re all common mental illnesses. But what about trichotillomania?
I have mild trichotillomania. Luckily, it doesn’t impact my life much at all but for some, it plays a huge role in their every day existence. Here are 5 things you should know about it.

Accepting yourself and others can be tough, but it’s so dang important.
Master this one and you’ll have one of the keys to a very peaceful life.

Mobile games don’t have to be full-on.
These games are INSANELY relaxing. I’m a tad obsessed with Zen Koi to wind down after a tough day.

This brought up some old feelings in me. I can’t even imagine how hard my eating disorder must have been for my parents.
When one person at the table radically changes the way they eat, the whole ecosystem of a family has to adjust.

And finally… a little humour.
So many privileged denying dudes, so little time to roll my eyes so hard that they lodge themselves firmly in the back of my head.

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