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“Stop taking photos of yourself!”

“How vain you must be… can you not even go a day without taking a selfie?!?”

I know, I know. People love to rip on selfies.

Vain. Vapid. Conceited. Self-absorbed.

But you know what? They can also be an act of radical self-love. If you’re not a fan, that’s cool too. But for some of us who’ve spent our lives refusing to look at ourselves, the seemingly simple act of taking a selfie can be a quiet revolution. For me, it’s a bold act of rebellion — ‘I am here, and I am taking up space and I’m okay with being seen!’

Selfies can show you YOURSELF. And no, our faces and bodies don’t define us and are only a small fragment of the magnifience that makes up who we are… but they’re still part of us. They’re our homes. And they’re worth admiring for all the things they do for us!

Every single day our bodies perform miracles to keep us alive and thriving and to pretend that our bodies aren’t worth appreciating because there are ‘better things to do’ is a crazy notion to me.

Stare at yourself in the mirror. Take up space.

Marvel at your scars and lines and strengths and achievements.

Take the damn selfie. Feel cute. Share it with the world.

The world needs to be less afraid of women feeling GOOD about themselves, and more supportive of the idea that a culture that encourages us to embrace ourselves actually benefits us in more ways than just the obvious.

I am SO pro-selfie.