Dear booty,

I spent so much time hating you that I failed to notice how wonderful you are.

I spent so much time seeking out fabrics that would skim, shape and “flatter” you that I neglected to open my eyes to the fact that you were – are, and will always will be – enough.

I could spend years wishing you away. I could spend hours on the elliptical and days scrolling through fitspo hashtags in a vain effort to find an image that I feel you should adhere to.

But it would be pointless.

Because those other booties? They’re not mine.

YOU’RE mine.

anastasia amour dear booty

You jiggle when I walk, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I kind of love it.

You’ve been bigger at points and smaller at points… but regardless of your shape or size, you’ve always been worthy of my love, and I’m sorry I haven’t given it to you.

Your dimples have never defined me, and I regret ever allowing them to. I didn’t see that the solution wasn’t to find the ever-elusive magic cure to eradicate your flaws… but to look within and see the impact of my own mindset.

But I promise that I’ll always love you. No matter how you change. No matter how bad of a day that I’m having.

You don’t define me, and you don’t have to. You’re just part of my body – my home – and that makes you worthy of my love.

With infinite adoration,

Wonderful readers, I’d like to issue you a challenge – think about your body, and the parts that you’ve spent time obsessing over. Now, see if you can write a brief ‘love letter’ to that body part, just as I have done here. It might feel weird or cheesy, but I promise you it can make a difference to your mindset!

In fact, this is a journaling exercise that I use with a lot of my coaching clients.

Bonus points: Get in the habit of doing this activity semi-frequently, and watch how your writing changes as you grow in your path to self-love… I think you’ll surprise yourself!

I encourage most of my clients to journal throughout their sessions with me — and that’s where some of the biggest, boldest revelations take place. There’s something so incredibly cathartic about the power of writing (whether it’s pen to paper or finger to keyboard) that lets you articulate your thoughts in a way that you might not be able to if you were trying to verbally express them.

And when you incorporate journaling into your healing/self-love process? Ooooh boy, you’ll hit some clarity. When you read back over entries that you’ve written, you’ll spot patterns — pain points — interesting themes that you hadn’t previously spotted. And in between the gaps, that’s where the healing starts to take place.

(P.S. If you’d like help on your self-love journey, I’d love to work with you. Visit my coaching page and watch my video to learn more.)

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