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“I have STRENGTH.”

You might not think that you’re strong enough to recover, but I promise you that you are. Even in your weakest moments, even on your darkest days… you are strong. Just by admitting to yourself that you need to recover from these demons is showing great strength. And, when you feel like you can’t be strong, your support network is there to be your strength for you. You can do this.


Recovery is not easy, make no mistake about it. I see so many warriors going in to do battle with their demons, only to come out bruised, battered and defeated. They give up. They run back into the arms of their demon because their recovery wasn’t worth it… or so they tell themselves. Recovery is inherently difficult because the demons that you’re fighting are within you. And that recovery is going to be so much harder if you aren’t truly determined to move forward.


Because there are going to be days in your recovery where it feels like nothing’s working; days where you’re not sure what to do next; days where you just plain don’t want to keep going. This is truly one of the most difficult aspects of recovery… feeling that resistance and pushing through!


Your recovery will test you in ways that you didn’t necessarily expect. It’s not all going to be sunshine and roses and unfortunately, it’s a difficult process. During trials like that, the nagging voice in your head that tells you to give up, that you’re not worth it or that you’ll never make it needs to be taught to sit down, and your resilience needs to take over.

“I am willing to be OPEN-MINDED.”

Recovery might not look the way that you thought that it would look, and there may be aspects of your journey that you’ve previously told yourself you were firmly against. You see, everyone’s recovery is different and we tend to only see the stereotypical depiction of group therapy in the media – group therapy can be great for some, but not for everyone. Your recovery might involve inpatient, outpatient, private therapy sessions, journalling and more. Keep yourself focused on the idea that you don’t necessarily have to ‘like’ your treatment. The important thing is that you complete it and you’re open to the idea that it might be good for you.

“I will be HONEST.”

If I had a dollar for every recovery patient I’ve spoken to who has selectively omitted details from their story to minimise what they’re going through to get out of recovery, or deliberately hidden scars and shut off and gone silent completely because they’re afraid of what their recovery might entail….

In order for recovery to have a shot at being successful, you have to be honest. With yourself, and with those helping you. Because every detail matters, regardless of how small or irrelevant you might deem it and there’s no such thing as ‘not sick enough’ when it comes to receiving treatment. Diminishing your own struggles will not serve you well, and it’s up to you to be willing to be honest, open and vulnerable about what you’re going through so that you can receive the best help possible.



Recovery forces you to dig deep into your psyche, experiences, personality, thoughts, feelings and actions. Don’t mistake this for ‘too hard’ or ‘too intrusive’ because this introspection will help you greatly in gaining an insight into yourself. Understanding what makes you the person that you are can be enormously helpful.

“I will give myself COMPASSION.”

It’s okay to not understand exactly what you need to do. It’s okay if you feel like some days, you make no progress at all. It’s okay to be gentle, loving and compassionate with yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend if they were struggling with a tough time. You deserve your own kindness.

Final thoughts: Remember, although others on their recovery pathway may share similar stories, your journey is entirely your own. Your support network, therapists and doctors are there to help you and be your rock… but when it comes down to it, you need to have that determination and willingness to grow and learn coming from within yourself.
Your recovery is about you – your life, your past, your experiences, and how you can have a wonderful, happy and thriving future. And when you give yourself and allow yourself to be part of that, amazing transformation can happen.

If you’d like help in your recovery with finding self-love, applying compassion or learning to accept your body, I’d be honoured to help you through my private, 1:1 Skype coaching service. Please note, this is not intended to replace any treatment you may be undergoing. Click here to learn more.

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