How do you know if you REALLY need help?
Navigating the murky waters of eating disorders

Why un-quitting sugar was a life changing moment.

“I used to think sugar was the reason I was addicted to food. Sugar was the reason my hormones were out of whack. Sugar was the reason I wasn’t skinny. It was all sugar’s fault. This seemed to be confirmed by every health and diet book or guru out there. In the 90s it was fat, now it is sugar.”

You really should never comment on your child’s weight…
And here’s why.

EVERY body is a yoga body!
These 13 yogis kick ass.

Mic drop moment.

“…needing to lose weight for health reasons doesn’t magically make diets work— diets almost always fail long-term irrespective of your reasons for going on one.”

How could I not share this? I have this saved in my bookmarks for every time I need a laugh.

If you want to have a healthy relationship with exercise, stay away from the fitness industry.
Here’s how it turns people off exercise altogether.

On body positive boudoir photos.

“Shame is a powerful tool when you learn how to wield it. If left unchecked, shame will back you into the darkest corner of your mind, hushing you into a fearful silence. That’s no way to live, and it’s certainly no way to live with someone else. But if you refuse to cower, if you stand up, turn on the lights, and start inviting people in, you quickly learn how utterly okay you really are. “Oh, so this is your dark corner?” they will say. “It looks just like mine, but with different wallpaper.””

We’re being spoon-fed fatphobia.
And we’re all eating it up.

Wise words from Sarah Vance.
Because your body image shouldn’t hinge on your partner’s opinions.


“Would my life be better if I were thinner? No. But it would be better if I wasn’t treated so poorly because I’m not.”

So your loved one is recovering from an eating disorder…
Here’s how to support them.

Think it’s time to quit your job to sell Beachbody?
“I’m over MLM. And not just because it’s predatory, fat shaming, exercise-addiction-promoting, and any number of things that every good HAES and body positive coach worth her weight in Modcloth will tell you.”

The intersection of research justice and fat activism.
Interesting stuff!

If you struggle with depression, your best therapy may be to hit the gym and pump some iron.
It may not be right for everyone. But, I can personally vouch for this – I have Major Depressive Disorder, and lifting weights makes me feel awesome and calm.

Don’t congratulate people for weighing less than before they had a baby.
Just don’t.

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