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1. In being so concerned about how others will perceive and judge you, you’re overlooking how you perceive and judge yourself (which is infinitely more important).

If you’re being cruel to yourself, then you need to work on self-love.

2. The way you feel about other people is often a projection of the way that you feel about yourself.

If you catch yourself being hyper-judgemental of others, then you need to work on self-love.

3. You are worth far more than your physical appearance.

If, despite knowing this, you still feel as though you are limited and defined by your cup size/jean size/physical abilities/skin colour/BMI… then you need to work on self-love.

4. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful, and it’s entirely possible to live your life from a body positive perspective without denying that we all have individual aesthetic preferences.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel closely aligned with what you consider to be physically beautiful. But, if you’re fixated on this goal of looking and feeling beautiful and you confine it within such a tight pigeonhole that anything that falls outside of your narrow scope of what ‘beauty’ is… then you need to work on self-love.

5. Your validation always needs to come from within.

Let external validation temporarily boost you, sure. Let compliments reinforce your own internal worth… but if you’re reliant on others telling you that you’re good enough, then you need to work on self-love.


6. Perfection is an illusion.

If you’re subscribing to the idea that miracle potions and pills and snake oils will bring you closer to perfection, then you need to work on self-love.

7. You are worthy of self-love.

Regardless of your past experiences, traumas, emotional baggage, failed diets, toxic relationships or harsh words spoken. You, as a human being are inherently worthy of self-love.

And if you’re a person who wants to live a happy, accepting and fulfilled life, then you definitely should work on self-love.

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