The CEO might be her own boss, but she does not have to be her own bitch.
Yep. Yep yep yep yep.

Dear Trauma, I Refuse.
A powerful essay on sexual trauma and the porn industry from my friend Heather. Big trigger warning on this one.

What if you asked your trolls out for coffee?
I won’t be doing it anytime soon… but ‘kill them with kindness’ is a great message in our hateful, negativity filled world!

Can we all just stop and marvel at this cake for a second?
Oh man. I need this in my life.

The neuroscience behind why diets don’t work.
In fact, they achieve the opposite of their intentions.

An important note on body positivity:

“If you want to enter into the world of body positivity and acceptance there are some things you should know:

To unapologetically accept your body means you have to go against the grain.

You have to be a rebel…someone who breaks the rules and makes her own. A woman who marches to the beat of her own drum.

You have to be the woman at the dinner table who orders chocolate cake for dessert without explaining herself.

You have to be the woman who wears a swimsuit despite not having the “bikini body” society says you should have.

You have to be the woman who speaks out against body and food shaming.

You have to be the woman who makes NO apologies for herself…EVER.”

What it’s like to recover from an ED in today’s weight centric world.
A lot of us can relate to this one.

If you’ve got a child with anxiety, read this.
This also applies if you know anyone with anxiety!

5 reasons not to comment on someone else’s body.
1. Because it’s none of your damn business.
2. Because it’s none of your damn business.
3. Because it’s none of your damn business.
4. Because it’s none of your damn business.
5. Because it’s none of your damn business.

It’s not selfless to always put others ahead of you.
Total truthbomb from the amazing Erin Brown.

An eye-opening anecdote into medical fat-phobia.
Everyone deserves to have serious and in-depth views taken to their medical care, rather than surface judgements and assumptions.

If you’re a human being with a body that has ever changed in any way… 
Read this.

What does it even mean to have a good life?
And is yours a good one? (Spoiler: yes!)

A reminder that people from all walks of life suffer from eating disorders.
And we all deserve recovery. All of us.

Yoga may be good for the brain.
Interesting stuff!

You should meditate more often.
And so should I.

Anxiety, fear and things that go bump in the night.
If you suffer from anxiety, make sure you have some go-to coping strategies!

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