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Beautiful people, I’m over the moon to be able to share my latest project with you… Home Truths!

What are Home Truths?
Home Truths is a gorgeous deck of 50 Self-Love Cards designed to be your pocket weapon against self-loathing, negative thoughts and repetitive toxic patterns.

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Why are Home Truths important?
Our thoughts are critical in shaping how we experience reality – I’ve seen this transformation within myself and I continue to see it within the women that I work with. Let’s look at some facts:

  • The average person can have more than 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s around 35-48 thoughts per minute.
  • Research has shown that up to 80% of the average person’s thoughts can be negative or worry-based.
  • Up to 98% of these thoughts can be exactly the same or similar as the thoughts that the average person experienced the previous day.

Think about those facts, and reflect on your own negative thoughts… have you become stuck in a pattern?

If you have… don’t worry, it happens to all of us thanks to nasty little patterns that we call Cognitive Distortions, in psych lingo. Cognitive distortions, a concept from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), refers to biased ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us. There are 10 key categories of cognitive distortions, and these irrational thoughts/beliefs can lead us to problematic emotional states and behaviours (such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and inner conflict). It sounds like a scary concept but most of us  suffer from some sort of cognitive distortion (to varying degrees). Every time we repeat the faulty thoughts and behaviours, we further solidify negative behavioural patterns and toxic thoughts. Common cognitive distortions are black and white thinking, personalising, catastrophic thoughts and over-generalising. Have you ever made yourself believe that you’re ugly, unloveable or undeserving of self-care? Cognitive distortions will have played a role in those negative thoughts. And if you’re like most of us, negativity can sometimes consume you and create a snowball effect.


So how do Home Truths help us get past Cognitive Distortions?
The bad news: Cognitive distortions can become deeply ingrained and take serious work to overcome. The good news: Just one powerful statement is all it takes to start to disrupt this process. Containing 50 powerful Self-Love Statements, my Home Truths Self-Love Cards deck hits you right in the soul and help you find clarity. They’re a starting point; a launch pad from which to carry on with self-love and leave insecurity behind, replacing it instead with acceptance and peace. By being aware of our cognitive distortions, we can start to shift our mindset to one of rationality and objectivity which, in turn, leads to more positive emotional and behavioural experiences.


How do I use Home Truths?
Self-Love Statements allow you to assert what you’re working to make true for yourself. They motivate you and keep you focused, putting you in a prime position to transform your inner dialogue through acceptance. Home Truths can be used anywhere or anytime that you have a quiet moment to yourself. I like to pick a particular time of day and use that time each day to practice. You can:

  • Pick a card first thing in the morning to set an intention for your day;
  • Breathe slowly and repeat a card’s statement to yourself as you set your intention for the day;
  • Keep the box on your desk at work and pull a card when you are feeling frustrated or stuck;
  • Sort through the deck and pick a card each day that challenges your negative thoughts
  • Post cards around your house as loving reminders;
  • Gift cards out as gifts to loved ones who need a reminder;
  • Leave them on car windows, with a tip, or in gifts;
  • Pop your favourite card in your purse or wallet for a daily reminder;
  • … or choose your own way to use them! It’s your self-love practice, after all.

As you continue to use your Home Truths, you’ll be helping yourself in clearing out the negativity and paving the way for new behavioural patterns. You’ll notice changes in the way you feel about yourself, how you relate to those around you and the way you see the world.

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Are they a magic cure?
Sorry friend, but magic cures don’t exist. I know, I know… it’s not very ‘salesy’ to say that they won’t instantly cure you. But I’m not about being salesy and self-love is not about being swindled or swept away! Home Truths are not a magic cure. Think of your Home Truths instead as simple reinforcements of other positive habits and changes that you’re making to your wellbeing. Knowledge is power, and understanding the root causes of your struggles will help you make positive changes throughout your life that are holistic, effective and sustainable in the long term.The psychological impacts of positive affirmations can be profound, but like all sustainable positive change, you must commit yourself to openness to overall psychological change rather than just contextual change. And Home Truths are just one part (albeit an awesome part) of your self-love toolkit!And I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you’re having serious concerns about mood, self-esteem, body image or any other aspect of your mental wellbeing, please consider a chat with a therapist. Your brain is important, and you deserve to look after it.

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How are they printed?
Home Truths are printed at the wallet-friendly size of 9.1cm x 5.1cm on thick, luscious matte stock. And bonus points: all cards and packaging are printed on 100% recycled paper. Because the environment is important. You are part of the universe, and the universe is part of you.

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How do I get a deck?
Click HERE!

With love and infinite body positive vibes,
xx Anastasia

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