anastasia amour start loving movement bootcamp video series

There’s a bit of a myth in the fitness community that unless you’re putting in super hard effort, you’re just not benefiting from your workouts (and YES proper form is important, and if you’re looking to achieve specific goals then you’ll want to be meeting those goals with an appropriate effort).

BUT – what about those new to fitness, for whom running 30 mins on the treadmill seems daunting? What about those ashamed of their bodies, who are caught up in the fear that they’ll be harshly judged? What about those easing back in after a long time without movement, after pregnancy or after an injury?

Fitness pros, gym junkies and general exercise enthusiasts: encouraging people to be active starts with meeting them where they’re at. Supporting them, giving them high-fives for their effort, showing them ways to get more out of their workouts or feel more comfortable, taking the time to get to know their motivations — THAT’S what makes people feel comfortable. Berating them that they’re not working hard enough… yeah, not so much. We KNOW that every movement counts, that even tiny intervals of high intensity exercise go a LONG way to your overall fitness and base metabolic rate & that even light cardio is hugely beneficial for the body. And when the elitism and one-upmanship can be divorced from gym life, I think you’ll find that there’s an influx of new members. And isn’t that the goal, if you’re talking about wanting everyone to move their bodies?

And for those of you easing into exercise or not feeling comfortable or not feeling like you’re doing enough – it’s crucial to keep yourself in a positive headspace when you’re exercising. Maybe you’re not doing much right now – but you can work up, at a pace you feel comfortable with! Maybe you haven’t worked out in years – but you’re doing it NOW! Maybe you’re not as strong or fast or experienced as the person next to you – but this is about YOUR health and happiness, not theirs.

There’s space for you in the fitness world, I promise you. Gym, group class or on your exercise mat in your lounge room, you belong.

And if you need help making peace with movement, you’re gonna LOVE this….


Introducing my FREE video mini-series, Start Loving Movement Bootcamp!

Right now, exercise might seem like this scary, daunting and awful process that you just can’t see yourself ever ever enjoying – and you know that your body needs exercise, so you want to change your relationship with it. I promise you… I pinky promise you (because that shit’s serious) that it’s nowhere near as bad or scary of awful as it seems. In fact, it’s actually kind of awesome. And over the next 6 days, we’re going to get you to see that awesomeness.

(And can I just say how proud I am of you? Making a decision to make a positive change is a hard and huge step, and it’s to be commended. Give yourself a pat on the back, girl! You’re a rockstar!)

What this bootcamp involves:

  • Getting you to dig deep into your past experiences with exercise to find out where your aversion comes from
  • Simple psychological techniques to help you get past those bad experiences and re-train yourself to feel good about moving that luscious bod of yours
  • Pushing past the exercises that you think you should enjoy, and instead finding what you actually enjoy

What this bootcamp does not involve at any point:

  • Drill sergeant yelling
  • Preying on fear, guilt or insecurity
  • Scare tactics/fear mongering
  • Discomfort
  • Pushing your boundaries
  • Regurgitated, tired old fitspo phrases that you’ve seen eeeeeverywhere
  • Diet and nutrition advice (because your body is unique!)
  • Fitness goal setting (yep, you heard me, no goal setting!)

How to participate:

  • Grab your comfiest clothes, a bottle of water, your computer, phone or tablet and log onto my website every day for the next 6 days to watch the videos.
  • That’s it!

I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow for Day 1!

x Anastasia

Disclaimer: This video series is designed to teach you how to listen to your body’s rhythm and remove the mental obstacles that are stopping you from wanting to exercise. This program does not include personalised recommendations of workouts suitable for your body type, weight loss or weight gain advice, or nutritional guidelines. Your body is unique and for specific nutritional or fitness advice, please consult with your doctor, fitness instructor or nutritionist.