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Weighing up the cost of vegetarianism and veganism in eating disorder recovery.
An excellent piece. As someone who originally used vegetarianism as a cover for my anorexia and is now finding ways to incorporate it into my life in a way that doesn’t trigger restriction and old impulses, this is interesting stuff.

So this is obesity, huh?
Read this if you have any doubts that BMI is total and utter bullshit.

Notes on body shaming in mothers. 

“I find myself getting ready to leave for places. Looking in the mirror, putting on makeup, checking myself out. Silently judging. Whilst I am self absorbed in myself…I fail to realise my preteen is staring at me from the open bathroom door. She is watching me, my body language, my facial expressions and judging me judge myself. It is hard to remember that my children are sponges..and what I put out to them, they take it all in….”

Taking care of yourself is never a waste of time.
A beautiful reminder.

5 kinds of compliments that actually perpetuate oppression.
Memorise this list!

My heart breaks for this poor family.
This is sadly just one more case where a life was lost and a family irreparably damaged because of the appearance-based stigma that is still very much a reality in the health community.

Even amongst doctors, the myth still exists that an ED patient must “look” a certain way before they’re even considered as sick. The DSM-5 has a long way to go and I hope this poor woman’s story can contribute to a postive change in taking ALL ED cases seriously, not just the ones who “look” like they’re suffering.

Some home truths about the standard dieting “wisdom”.

We have been told that that’s how it works: calories in vs calories out. “Eat less than you expend and you’ll lose weight.”

When in reality, this is what it should really say:

“Eat less than you expend and you’ll lose weight… at first. Then you’ll gain it all back and think it’s your fault — but this actually happens because your body will compensate your metabolism in order to keep your weight stable around the same place. Biologically, that’s how we have survived as a species during all those years when food wasn’t as easy to come by consistently.”

Compassion for others doesn’t mean mistreatment of you.
Touching on the victim complex, insecurity and our personal gauge of fairness.

It’s okay to love food…
Yes, really!

This interactive self-care game is all sorts of awesome.
Saving this as a bookmark!

Being more open-minded has AMAZING benefits.
And it’s easier to achieve than you think. It all starts with small steps forwards!

On the changing relationship between you and your body in pregnancy and beyond. 

“Ten days after my first due date came and went, I looked in the mirror, screamed, and basically died. Overnight, my stomach and hips had become covered in cherry-pink stretch marks, veining out as if my entire torso had fractured. As if a congregation of lightning bolts decided to stamp me with magenta ink. I wish I would have known then that these marks would fade and mostly go away. I wish I would have known that I would return to my original size — yes, breasts too — no worse the wear. My belly is the exception. Like the toughest Mombods, I still bear my stamp. There’s a legion of now-pale striations covering my slack belly. I thought I was the only one until women were brave enough to post photos.The Mombod movement kinda changed my life.”

A reminder that you never know the full story of what’s going on in someone’s life.
Practice kindness before judgement.

This answer to a test question about BMI is totally awesome.
Total mic-drop moment from this girl.

Stop numbing your emotions and start feeling them.

“Dieting, over-exercising, workaholism, perfectionism, and constant busyness are allvery common ways to avoid what we are feeling.

These are all ways to try to patch up the nervousness, sadness, anger, and panic that lurks beneath our skin.

So when someone replaces their emotional eating with dieting, or too much exercise, or 14-hour days at the office, or never letting themselves chill out and relax, well… We are avoiding the same stuff.

We are avoiding the pain we are afraid will destroy us.”

There are strong links between body dysmorphia and fear of rejection.
Does this resonate with you?

Do I have to give up my lipstick now?
An important read for anyone struggling to reconcile their self-love practices with their desire to be attractive.

Finding the balance between work and rest can be tricky.
This post breaks it down for you – helpful if you find yourself flicking from one extreme to the other like I do!

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