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50 reasons you should make body positivity your priority this year:

Because you deserve to go on a holiday without fasting for a week.

Because you deserve not to flinch whenever someone says “Let’s take a group photo!”

Because you deserve to stand wherever you want in that group photo without worrying if you’ll be the biggest on the end, or if you’re doing the “skinny arm” right or how the person you’re standing next to will make you look.

Because ice cream is delicious, and is best enjoyed without a side-serve of shame.

Because your kids need to see that self-love is important.

Because your partner loves you, and seeing you tear yourself apart breaks their heart, too.

Because your friends struggle with this, too, and you can light the way for them.

Because you could get so much done in the 20 minutes you spend every day pulling your flesh in front of the mirror.

Because you’re burning yourself out.

Because the scales aren’t your enemy.

Because dinners with friends and picnic lunches and drinks with colleagues are made to be enjoyed, not repented for the next day.

Because shopping for clothes is such good fun when you’re not berating yourself for the number on that stupid tag.

Because with all that money you save from  not buying bullshit magazines that tell you who and what you need to be, you can use it to invest in yourself!

Because eating only low carb, low fat, high protein, sugar free raw kale paleo organic alkaline infused everything is not the solution to all of your problems.

Because life is so much more enjoyable without a bitchy mean girl in the back of your head!

Because your worth as a human being has literally nothing to do with your size.

Because you deserve to stop assessing how you should treat yourself based on what you ate that day.

Because dessert.

Because you have the power to make a super freakin’ positive change in the world, just by not putting up with diet-talk.

Because those around you deserve to see you happy and living and loving your life.

Because skinny women are “real” women , as are fat women and athletic women and curvy women and trans women and anyone who identifies as a woman and has a body.

Because it’s sooooo much easier to dismiss garbage diet marketing when you know there’s no merit in it.

Because you deserve to go a day without contemplating how the amount of space that your body takes up makes you a bad person.

Because exercise is so much more fun (and effective, actually), when you do it out of self-love, rather than self-hate.

Because telling yourself positive things about your body makes more sense when you actually believe it.

Because being body positive about other people but not applying those same principles to yourself does absolutely nothing for your self-esteem.

Because every trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to be a vicious cycle of self-punishment as you try and avoid eye contact with the confectionary aisle.

Because when you love yourself, it’s easy to be less judgemental of those around you.

Because you wouldn’t have come to loathe your body if you hadn’t been taught to.

Because bikinis are for every body… as are crop tops and mini skirts and dresses and pants and stripes and florals… and putting them on your body doesn’t have to be a radical declaration of you being “brave”. It can be a simple act of you wearing clothing that you like.

Because your body carries you through every single experience. It loves you and it wants to keep you happy and thriving, and it deserves to be taken care of.

Because sex with the lights on can (and should) be an option.

Because the plastic scale in your bathroom doesn’t tell you everything you need to know to make a fair assessment of your health.

Because you don’t have to deflect every single compliment that comes your way.

Because developing body positive cultivates resilience overall.

Because you wouldn’t talk to your friends like you talk to yourself.

Because bullying is never acceptable. Especially not to yourself.

Because the world can be a dark, snarky and negative place… but the more of us embrace body positivity and counteract that, the more that can start to change.


Because every small step counts.

Because stretch marks and scars and cellulite and all those “flaws” that you’ve been told make you broken? They’re normal. And they’re gorgeous. And so are you.

Because you’ll be surprised how much more your body can do for you when you nourish every action towards it from a place of self-love.

Because even though your body is beautiful, you’re not defined by its appearance. And when you realise that, you can focus on how amazingly it functions and how you can help it flourish.

Because your body is your home.

Because perception is everything – ugly/gross/disgusting are all mindsets, and so are fierce/sexy/beautiful. And that power lies with you.

Because body positivity is like a beautifully written thank you note and love letter to your body.

Because life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself.

Because self-love is a lifelong journey, and it’s never too early or too late to start.

Because you’re a person, and you’re inherently worthy, and you deserve a life filled with love and happiness and laughter.

Because just imagine how different your life will be when you treat yourself with kindness and compassion!

Because it’s about goddamn time that you saw yourself as amazing.

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