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The physiological impacts of anxiety are just as real as the mental impacts.
Here are a few ways to calm yourself.

You don’t need to fix the past to create a new future.
It’s all about perspective!

Get your skinny jeans skeletons out of the closet!
Because “inspiration” clothing is a bunch of bullshit and will play on your mind.

An interesting article with some important points on why weight loss does not always equate to health.

“And since thin people get all of these health issues, then being thin is neither a sure cure nor a certain preventative. Further, since we treat thin people for these health issues  we have treatment protocols that do not involve weight loss.  Those same protocols could be used on fat people who have these health issues – so that we are treating the actual health issue and not just trying to change someone’s body size and hoping that health comes along for the ride.”

6 ways to help someone to recover from an eating disorder.
You CAN make a difference, however unsure and confused you feel about what your obligations actually are. I promise.

I’ll always share posts about ending the glorification of ‘busy’.
Because SO. FREAKIN. MANY. of us wear this ‘busy’ title like it’s a status symbol or a badge of honour and IT’S NOT. It’s really not, guys. We’re not going to get a medal if we take on more responsibilities than anyone else and push ourselves past the point of burnout all while trying to maintain the illusion that we’re managing everything effortlessly and still with time to get our hair done and go to the gym and focus on ourselves. It’s total crap. I know it, you know it, we all know it. So why do we still pander into it?

Why the biology of the introvert’s brain doesn’t necessarily allow them to ‘just stop thinking so much.’
Fellow introverts, raise your hand!

Eating Disorder Recovery Advocacy Is Usually Fatphobic – Here Are 4 Ways to Start Fixing That
Pure brilliance from Melissa, as usual!

An open letter to the woman who reads healthy living blogs.

How to search for the good in people.
Something we can all use a reminder of!

How one woman’s battle with anorexia kept her from having intimate relationships.
Sex and love can be complicated enough as is… let alone when you throw a mental illness into the mix.

The word ‘curvy’ irks me. A lot.
Here’s why.

If Oprah can’t buy weight loss, maybe it can’t be done!

“My epiphany was this: Oprah is one of the most accomplished, admired, able people in the world. She has an Oscar to keep all her Emmy Awards company. She creates magic for other people and herself on the regular. So if Oprah can’t do permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be done. Oprah is also crazy rich. If Oprah can’t buy permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be bought. And that sucks.

But it is also incredibly freeing if you, like me, have thought about your weight so many times throughout every day of your life that it becomes as maddening and distracting as if you’d stowed a beating telltale heart beneath your floorboards.”

Business owners, this one’s for you.
YOU get to set the rules. And if you don’t like ’em, then change ’em!

How mindfulness can help redirect self-destructive behaviour.
Rooting yourself in the present helps more than you realise.

The way you feel about yourself makes a huge difference to your relationships.
Important info for everyone to understand!

What’s your relationship with the present?
A great analogy for those who struggle to define what it means to feel content in the present moment.

Struggling to find the intersection of vanity and self-love?
Read this, then read it again.

Why it’s physically impossible to “look anorexic”

People with eating disorders die with bones popping out all over the place at a BMI of two, but they also die whilst looking healthy or overweight because the physical complications caused by these illnesses are so much deeper and more complex than “weight loss”. Heart attacks caused by the body eating heart muscle for energy, electrolyte imbalances caused by purging and insufficient nutrition, and multiple organ failure caused by the general strain of eating disorders on the body are but three of the many ways people lose their lives in the fight and all of these things are invisible on surface level.

It isn’t even as if this misconception that eating disorders can be seen benefits anyone, as it is a dangerous belief for all involved. Sufferers may feel they aren’t really ill because they don’t look like the stereotypical skeletal pictures of people with eating disorders in the media, parents may not take their child’s issues to food seriously because they “look alright”, and medical professionals might deny input or treatment because the weight of the patient isn’t “too low” so they “can’t be that bad”. It is also an idea that even damages people who are trying to recover from an eating disorder, as sometimes help is withdrawn once weight is no longer “low” which is exactly the time that people need to be supported most.

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