anastasia amour body image photo-1443180610803-431fe15d0cb3 less inner thigh does not equal more inner peace

Less inner thigh does not equal more inner peace.

So why do so many of us spend our days obsessing over the space that our thighs take up? Why do we spend our hours wishing away our stomachs, Googling ways to rid ourselves of our cellulite and desperately clambering to shrink our flesh in any way possible?

The answer ties back to this feeling of inner peace, worthiness and contentment.

We tell ourselves that if only our thighs were smaller, our stomachs flatter and our arms more toned…. then, THEN we could finally experience self-esteem.

But of course, convincing ourselves of such lies only leads us further down the proverbial rabbit-hole of low self-esteem.

So, tomorrow – instead of obsessing over your flaws, beating yourself up over your imperfections and lamenting everything that you want to change about your body, I’ve got a challenge for you.

Here are 7 easy ways to feel better about your body tomorrow:

#1. Avoid the mirror.
That’s right, you heard me. Beyond checking to make sure that your skirt isn’t tucked into your knickers and you haven’t got spinach stuck in your teeth from your lunch, I don’t want you to check your reflection. The mirror is where so many of us bring out our inner critic as we scrutinise ourselves so tomorrow, you’re going to minimise the chances of that inner critic having a chance to rear her bitchy, little head.

#2. Pack away the scale. 
If you’re the sort of gal who’s not really one for weighing yourself anyway – YES. GO GIRL. Feel free to skip this step. But, if you’re accustomed to weighing yourself on the daily, I want you to go ahead and stuff those scales in the back of the cupboard where they’re out of sight, out of mind. Why? Because the number on the scale fluctuates daily, it’s not a complete depiction of your health, and it’s all too easy for many of us to base our worth on that damn number. So tomorrow, whatever numerical value represents your body’s relationship with gravity doesn’t matter in the slightest, and you’re not going to waste any time thinking about it.

#3. Ditch the negative body talk.
Diet talk. Complaining about your body to coworkers. Listening to others tell you how bad they were for ordering dessert/skipping the gym… these are all elements that, although seemingly insignificant, add up to help shape your view of your body and body  image in a broader sense. If you find yourself wanting to complain about your body, practice some thought stopping and instead discuss something positive about your body (if you’re uncomfortable doing this verbally, you can complete this to yourself in your mind). If someone starts to bring up some negative body talk to you, politely say “Sorry – can I just stop you there? I’m trying to think more positively about body image, so if you don’t mind, I’d rather not discuss this!”

#4. Stop covering yourself up.
Those baggy sweatpants and oversized sweaters and that shirt that you think looks awful on you but hey, at least it covers up your muffin top, right? Uh-uh! Leave those at the back of your closet and put on something that makes you feel good about yourself. By covering yourself up, you’re serving only to reinforce the idea that you should be ashamed of your body (which you shouldn’t) and reminding yourself that you’re not comfortable with your body… which makes you feel even worse about your body. Let’s break that cycle tomorrow! You don’t have to wear a skin tight, side-boob revealing dress with platform stilettos… just something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your favourite colour, a dress that brightens your mood, the choice up to you!

But don’t you dare, for a second, be deterred by having to follow “fashion rules” – you and I both know those are bullshit, anyway!

#5. Remind yourself of what your body can do.
Note, what your body can DO, not what your body looks  like. Make a list of all the amazing things that your body allows you to achieve – carrying you through intense workouts, keeping up while you play with your kids, a belly laugh that shows others your killer sense of humour and arms that welcome everyone into your beautiful things… now those are some attributes that you deserve to remind yourself of more often!

Bonus points: Write this list and stick it somewhere where you’ll be reminded of it. I like to write these lists on sticky notes and attach them to my bathroom wall. Try beating yourself up when you’re reminding yourself of how amazing and capable your body is… it’s a lot harder!

#6. Notice the way you think about food.
Are you talking to yourself about “guilt free” foods or “bad” foods or “cheat days”? Dig deep and assess why you feel that way about food – is there an event or emotion that’s causing you to attach negative emotional connotations or fear/reward systems to the fuel that you nourish your body with?

#7. Be your own best friend.
If you catch yourself out saying something negative to yourself about your body, ask yourself this:

“Would I say this to my best friend?”

If you recognise that saying it to a friend would be bitchy and bullying at best, then you better believe that you shouldn’t be saying it to yourself, either! In those moments, instead think about something positive that’s related to your body – like the list I mentioned above, or an outfit that makes you feel Va-Va-VOOM! or how many physical challenges that your amazing body has overcome. It’s all about reframing your thinking here.

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After a day, I guarantee you, you’ll be starting to feel a little more body confident.

And if that’s what you can achieve in a day, just imagine how you can build on this!


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