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Isabel Foxen Duke (who is a total badass) on the perceived morality of health:

“The moralistic character of “health” in America (and increasingly around the world) is right up there with “religion” of the Roman Empire — we seem to believe that we’re allowed to dictate the “rights” and “wrongs” of other people, and allow ourselves to be policed by others, on the basis of “health,” a fuzzy and often debated term to begin with.While pursuing “health” may be an important value to you as an individual, be careful where you’re using health as a rationalization to punish yourself and others.”

Breaking down the “good fatty” types.
Well illustrated and thought provoking – how do your beliefs about overweight-ness tie into this?

Understanding the sexualisation of women.
An important read. Because sometimes, a nipple is just a fucking nipple.

“If you have a moral attachment to a way of eating, that’s a disordered behavior.”

We deserve to look like ourselves!
What are you striving for?

How we underestimate the severity of eating disorders.

“The lack of understanding about eating disorders means we often view individuals with these illnesses as “choosers” of their diseases instead of victims. The absence of conversation concerning anorexia and bulimia clearly illustrates just how disordered our world is about food, and how ignorant people are about these mental illnesses.”

When you’re grieving, self-care is more important than ever… even though it might be the last thing on your mind.
Here’s how to achieve it as part of your healing process.

If you’ve ever defended ‘concern trolling’ as a means to get fat people motivated to becoming healthy, read this.
Important points that all of us can learn from!

Pilates is one of my favourite ways to make my body feel limber and agile whilst reminding myself that I’ve literally never ever cleaned under my TV cabinet.

Are you activating your almonds?
Activated almonds, alkalised kale, ionised goji berries… if that’s what you’re into and that’s what fills your soul and body with goodness, then awesome! BUT – for the rest of us, don’t get sucked into the “I’m not doing healthy right” mentality if you haven’t the slightest clue/interest in those things. Making healthy choices starts right here, right now – it could be as simple as swapping your soda for a glass of water. When we assign moral value and superiority to health choices, we ultimately deter more people from finding their own ‘entry level’ to health.

97% of women practice daily body hatred…
But we can change that! Are you in?

Kelsey Miller on intuitive eating.
A good read for anyone wanting to learn more about how it works.

YES to this campaign!
Because ANY body can be a yoga body.

When fitspo turns X-rated.
Is it just another case of unattainable standards?

The pink tax is utterly ridiculous.
And am I alone in thinking that the male versions of products tend to be more effective anyway?

On correlation, causation and big sexy food studies that make us all panic.

“The problems with food questionnaires go even deeper. They aren’t just unreliable, they also produce huge data sets with many, many variables. The resulting cornucopia of possible variable combinations makes it easy to p-hack your way to sexy (and false) results.”

Being overweight won’t always make you unhealthy, but feeling bad about it will.
We cannot ignore the correlation between mind and body!

When did you first start feeling bad about your body?
It starts a lot younger than you’d think.

And finally, a quote that I’d like to leave you with:

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” – Brene Brown

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