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I’m a huge believer in the positive impact of affirmations as a supplement to your ongoing self love tactics, and when I want to kick things up a notch, I like to combine some of my affirmations into a pledge that I repeat to myself first thing in the morning.

Here’s the self love pledge that I use frequently, and you should too:

There is only one of me;
and I am proud to be me.

I am flawed;
and I accept these flaws as part of my beauty.

I nourish myself physically and mentally;
and I lavish myself with positivity, energy and love.

I am worthy of amazing love;
both from myself and from others.

I defy all stereotypes;
I am unique, complex and a wondrous enigma.

My story is my own and I am proud of every step of my journey;
every line;
every battle scar;
every curve;
every edge.

Even if it makes others uncomfortable;
I will love who I am.

Even if others don’t see my worth;
I will find myself worthy.

Even if others don’t find me attractive;
I will be attracted to everything that I have to offer.

For I am vulnerable;
and in this vulnerability, I find the strength to be who I really am.




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Shifting your mindset is such a powerful tool and when you set yourself up in the right headspace from the moment that you wake up, it’s so much easier to then follow through and turn those actions into words.

Remember, when we speak negatively to ourselves, we create a vortex of shame, guilt, fear and rebellion – and none of those emotions are conducive to creating positive mental or physical habits.

But when we speak to ourselves with kind, loving words? We set ourselves up to want to take care of ourselves, mentally and physically. And when we want to take care of ourselves, we follow through and we make sure that those habits stick.

Now that’s truly powerful.

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