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#1. It’s okay to have bad days.

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day (even if the only good thing is that you got out of bed and ate breakfast, you’re still doing well!). On the days where you feel shrouded in negative influences, it’s okay to let yourself pause and feel it for a while. A positive outlook doesn’t always have to be about powering through everything – sometimes, you can learn the most valuable lessons from stopping to take it all in.

#2. Change is constant, and not everything is meant to stay in your life.

Change is scary, and most of us are perpetually afraid of it. We fear that if we let go of a relationship or situation that we’re shunning that it ever was important to us; and we’re opening ourselves up into the unknown. But just because something in your life is let go doesn’t deny the power that it once had.

#3. Wrong decisions don’t always make great stories, but they do make great lessons.

Some of the biggest things that you’ll learn will be from your mistakes. We all make mistakes, constantly. Let go of your fear of being wrong and embrace the wonderful ways that you can learn to make the right decisions from your past experiences.

#4. Walking away from negative influences isn’t selfish. It’s necessary.

You need to respect yourself enough to not allow yourself to be tethered to toxic relationships, bad jobs and past situations that are no longer healthy. You are only defined by those negative influences so long as you give yourself permission to be defined by them.

#5. Happiness is an inside job.

When you stop relying on others to be the missing piece to your puzzle, an amazing transformation takes place. You start realizing that you were never incomplete at all and that everything you need, you’ve always had within you. Perspective is everything.

#6. Involving yourself in drama won’t get you anywhere.

Petty fights, cattiness, he-said-she-said… breathe, and step away. It’s a waste of your energy.

#7. You can make a difference.

We tend to view “making a difference” as being some huge, grand gesture of world-changing influence, but it can be as small as making a stranger who’s having a rough day smile while they wait for the bus. You won’t always feel like you’re making a difference, even when you’re really trying – but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t.

#8. Success takes effort.

Hard work and determination will pay off in spades, particularly when you’re chasing your passions. The easy way out is simpler in the long run, but you won’t realise what you’re missing out on.

#9. It’s up to you to make room in your life for the things that you love.

This is an effort, and a conscious one at that. If you build room for the things that you want to attract, slowly, they will come.

#10. It’s necessary to learn how to distinguish roadblocks.

Some roadblocks can be beaten through, but others, no matter how much you beat at them, just won’t fall. It’s only through experience that you’ll learn to decipher which roadblocks require persistence, and which require an alternate route.

Remember: Life is tough, but you’re tougher.

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