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Your way isn’t always the right way.
On avoiding the tendency to take your own judgements as facts.

Claiming your sexual power as a woman.
Because you are a freakin’ GODESS and you deserve to feel like it.

Cultural appropriation is being discussed everywhere right now, and with good reason…
Because it’s not okay. And it’s getting in the way of self-love!

Not gross, just normal.

Regardless of your line of work, learning to spot “nightmare” clients is an essential skill.
Read this, and save yourself some major headaches down the track.

YES to this:

“As we move forward in this body image war that plagues so much of our country, how amazing would it be if we showed up to an event and someone told us that we ARE stunning, instead of that we LOOK stunning? Not to mention how great would be if be if a friend asked us if we ARE tired, and do we need a pick-me-up, rather than telling us that we LOOK tired? And furthermore, what I really want to ask, is if we can we take things further, and start to question our wording surrounding little girls.”

I’ve been getting crazy headaches lately from too much outside noise + music while I’m trying to work, but this white noise generator has been my saving grace.
Rain noise is my favourite!

Don’t hate the shake!
An awesome message from Sarah Vance.

Cook once, eat healthy all week.
I know this to be true, but I still need to remind myself constantly. Can I get an ‘amen’ from all my fellow kitchen-hating babes?

When it comes to business and making money, integrity first. Then hustle.
This is the way that I approach money and it makes so much sense to me.

The link between mindfulness and curing rampant perfectionism.
This couldn’t be more spot on… trust me.

Body hair and the feminine body.
Challenging the idea that notions of femininity are inextricably linked to hairlessness.

Rashida Jones on being happier at work.

“The other thing I’m working on is being willing to accept failure, whether it’s a failure to get a TV show made or a failure to reply to a midnight email. Failure and risk are inherent parts of any real work.”

If you’ve got serious relationship baggage from an ex, read this.
You need to heal yourself before you can love another!

Your work environment has a huuuuuuge impact on your mindset.
Are you mindful of how you’re working based on your environment?

This is an awesome and insightful look into boudoir photoshoots, and what happens when during the shoot, you kinda feel like you hate your body. 
Perception is not always reality!

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