Loving your body starts NOW! Buy Inside Out - by Anastasia Amour @ www.anastasiaamour.com

A few people have asked me why Inside Out is so affordable in comparison to other self-help books available, so I thought I’d explain:

I believe that you deserve to heal your body image.

I believe that information should be accessible to all.

I believe that your ability to heal your body image and experience what it’s like to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin shouldn’t be limited by your wallet.

I believe that people shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to change their lives for the better, and that taking steps towards positive body image and self-love shouldn’t have to cost the earth.

I know that a lot of my followers are young – some of them teenagers, some of them self-managing an eating disorder.

Some of my followers have families and bills to pay and expectations to manage.

My followers (a.k.a. YOU beautiful souls!) come from all walks of life.

You’re all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds… and you all deserve to be equipped with the mental tools you need to feel gorgeous, confident and amazing in your bodies.

I didn’t write Inside Out for profit. I wrote Inside Out for YOU.

And I want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from it as humanly possible.

This is my way of giving back to the world. This is my way of shaping a legacy – creating a generation women who are empowered to shun the chains of diet culture, self-loathing and negative body image.

Helping women who’ve struggled for years to feel comfortable in their own skin see that everything they needed, they’ve had all along.

Not just telling women that they should experience Fearless Body Confidence, but showing them how.

No bullshit. No “fluffy” advice. No shaming.

Just pure love.