anastasia amour body image photo-1446511437394-36cdff3ae1b3 are you as body positive as you think you are

“Our culture needs to come to the realization that womanhood and motherhood are not interchangeable.”

One woman’s journey from abstinence advocate to frequent flyer at Planned Parenthood.
An interesting read!

New research on weight discrimination shows that body shaming (for instance, shaming someone to lose weight) is even less effective than previously thought.
There you have it folks, bullying for a purpose is still bullying and it still doesn’t work and it’s still bogus. No excuse to do it.

So, Oprah bought a huge stake of Weight Watchers…
This great piece breaks it down. Prepare to high five Virgie Tovar through your computer screen.

This new app lets you stalk people on Instagram.
But do we really need something that encourages us to compare ourselves, consequence free?

Watch this. Just watch it.
Then go hug your daughter, wife,  mother, sister or friend. Then spread the word. Let’s change this.

This model took a glorious stand against her agency’s bullshit standards.
Virtually high-fiving the crap outta her, right now.

Finally, a male body positivity campaign!
Body positivity is for all bodies, and this is a good step forward.

Show this to everyone who says “Just eat something!” to ED sufferers, or “Just look on the bright side!” to those with depression or “Have you tried a candlelit bath?” to those with anxiety. Mental illnesses are just that – illnesses. Otherwise they’d be called “Mental Minor Inconveniences”

The selfie can be a revolutionary act.
But they don’t want you to know this. Fight the rules!

If you only watch one thing today,  let it be this.
Margaret Cho drops some KILLER wisdom about trolls and bullying.

I’m just going to leave this quote here while I give a standing ovation.
“The real choice here is not between losing weight and not losing weight because we know attempts at weight loss do not work 90%+ of the time. The real choice here is between living a life preoccupied with your body size, and not living that life.”

Mindfulness plays a huge role in the power of self love.
A great read.

Do you take a weekly rest day?
Here’s why you should.

Another example of the diet industry double standard.
Thin people get to eat cake in public, as long as they remain thin. Fat people, on the other hand, are often shamed out of eating a perfectly reasonable food like cake.

A transgender man captured his transition by taking selfies every day for 3 years.
And it’s so damn moving. I have so much respect for anyone who fearlessly, boldly, courageously gives themselves full permission to be exactly who they are, unapologetically. That’s a hard thing to do, and it needs to be applauded.

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