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  1. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with anyone, I’d choose you.
  2. The sparkle in your eyes fills me with hope that the world is a beautiful place!
  3. I’ve never met anyone so courageous as you before.
  4. I feel like I can be more of myself with you than with anyone else in my life – thank you.
  5. I’m always terrified that I’ll pee my pants around you because you make me laugh so hard!
  6. If there were an award for ‘Best Human’, I would so nominate you. Multiple times.
  7. I would turn down a million bucks for a slice of your homemade apple pie. It’s that good.
  8. You’re like family, but better.
  9. You have a beautifully symmetrical face.
  10. I can’t see your energy but if I know one thing that’s for sure, it’s that your energy is magnificent.
  11. Knowing that I know you makes me feel good about myself.
  12. The way you handle negativity is amazing. I can learn a lot from you.
  13. Your voice would make a fantastic newsreader voice. You’d make even the bad news sound good!
  14. Whenever I need advice on anything, I always choose to ask you first.
  15. After meeting you, I finally understood the definition of ‘true charisma’.
  16. If I’m ever in a fight or argument, I want you in my corner!
  17. You really get me. No one gets me like you get me.
  18. No one else is quite like you. You’re truly unique!
  19. Intelligence is attractive. And you’re one of the most intelligent people I know!
  20. The world is a better place for having you in it.


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