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It’s been only 5 days since my debut book, Inside Out launched and already it’s been such a crazy whirlwind!

Nearly 2 years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and late nights have gone into making Inside Out a reality and to see it out there in the world, being read by amazing ladies just like you is nothing short of an absolute dream for me.

I’ve already received so many wonderful emails from women reading Inside Out right now letting me know how much they’re loving it (if you’re reading it, please send me an email and let me know your thoughts!) but for those of you who haven’t got your hands on a copy yet, I want to give you a little inspiration!

When you buy Inside Out, you’ll get:

1. One hundred and forty pages of pure goodness that are jam-packed with information and advice.

Now, unlike a textbook, Inside Out makes complex psychological concepts easy to digest and apply to your everyday life, right here and right now. And unlike other text books that read like a clinical scientist in a lab coat, clipboard in hand, Inside Out reads more like a conversation with a trusted friend.

And… you know those self-help books where you can just tell that the author has never even experienced the struggles that they’re writing about? None of that here! Every single issue that I’ve written about relating to body image and mental health, I’ve been through. Those feelings and struggles that you’re going through? I can relate to them. I share my personal stories and tie it all back to psychology – because this isn’t about me, it’s about you. And none of us are alone in the struggles that we go through. We all deserve to be empowered with knowledge we need to overcome our fears, demons, self-doubts and insecurities, and that’s exactly what Inside Out helps you achieve.

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2. A set of super simple exercises at the end of each day.

The exercises again draw on psychological techniques for triggering long term and sustainable mental change – but the exercises don’t feel heavy. It’s not like sitting in a therapist’s office with a notebook, anxiously jotting down notes and feeling judged while they stare at you. The exercises can be completed any time, any where. They’re easy, they’re fun and most of all, they won’t take long to become habitual. This means that you’ll start to feel their positive effects almost immediately – because being able to watch your own mental progress is a beautiful thing.

And to hammer it home, each day also comes complete with a beautifully lettered illustration affirmation – rip them out, stick them on your mirror and every time you glance at them, use them as an opportunity to run through the concepts you’ve learned that day.

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3. A fourteen day guide to completely changing your body image for the better.

But unlike most 7, 14 or 21 day plans, this isn’t a quick fix or a fad. This is designed to create long lasting habits that you can carry with you, throughout your life. The exercises you’ll be doing and the information that you’ll be absorbing are easy and sustainable and you’ll actually want to keep doing them after you’ve finished reading Inside Out. And another beautiful thing? You can pick the book back up again at any point. You can read it again in any order. You can pace yourself as fast or as slow as you like. You get to be in the driver’s seat.

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4. Empowerment and knowledge that actually sticks.

Where many books, programs and classes fail is in that they unfortunately don’t empower their students with how to continue what they’ve learned and apply their newfound knowledge in the real world – it’s like the knowledge learned from the program ceases to be part of your life as soon as the program finishes. Lasting change needs to be sustainable, it needs to be practical and, in order for it to truly sink in, it needs to be relatable. This is particularly important when we’re talking about mental conditions and concepts rooted in psychology, such as positive body image – it’s not as simple as learning to knit a scarf, for instance (where you rote-learn the physical order of steps that you can then follow). It’s ever-changing, ever-evolving and different for every person, so there needs to be that balance between practical teaching that’s not too broad but also not too specific, to fit as many people’s needs as possible. That’s the knowledge and empowerment gap that Inside Out aims to bridge.

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5. Resources, tools and info applicable to all women.

This book is for all women who’ve ever struggled with negative self-talk or body loathing in any form. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60; whether you’ve been diagnosed with a body image or mental health disorder, or whether you suffer from negative body based thoughts only occasionally. If you want to improve your body image and equip yourself with the tools to make your self-esteem stick around for the rest of your life, then Inside Out is for you.

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You can buy Inside Out as a paperback for $20 including shipping or as a PDF to be printed or read on all your devices for $15 here.

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