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So, you want to feel less insane around food. You want to heal your relationship with exercise. You want to stop comparing yourself to celebrities, friends and random women on the street.

It’s possible… but not without Fearless Body Confidence.

The emphasis there being on fearless.

Why is this important?

Because so many women understand why it’s important to love their bodies. They know and agree with the concepts and they’re constantly seeing ways that those around them could be embracing body confidence.

But it’s not fearless. It doesn’t come from their core, and they haven’t truly experienced it themselves.

It’s almost like they’re just going through the motions of self love and acceptance.

They post the inspirational quotes. They share the BuzzFeed articles highlighting celebs standing out against body shaming. They regurgitate motivational paragraphs to their friends who doubt themselves.

But when they look in the mirror, they still aren’t quite feelin’ the love. They might not want to have sex unless the lights are off. They still dress for what they think is “flattering” and they still judge themselves like crazy.

And that’s the thing about body confidence – it’s very easy to post the memes and hashtag #girlpower and tell other women that you wish they could see their own beauty.

It’s another thing to feel that same sentiment towards yourself in every fibre of your being, right down to the core.

Fearless Body Confidence is aptly named because to love yourself and accept yourself so whole-heartedly is a rebellious act, when you consider that we’re in a society comprised of systems designed to profit from your self-doubt and insecurity.

Fearless Body Confidence is just a little bit… actually, a lot, badass.

And it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to step away from the body shaming conversations than it is to talk about stepping away from body shaming conversations. It’s harder to put on the bikini when you’ve always thought that you couldn’t, than it is to think about putting on the bikini. It’s harder to throw away those scales than it is to think about not using them again.

So today, I ask you this:

When it comes to self-love, are you a thinker or a do-er? Do you put into practice what you know to be true? Are you giving yourself a fighting chance of loving yourself?

It’s time to stop just thinking about it, and start doing it.

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