I’m bursting with excitement right now because my debut book, Inside Out, launches in just FIVE DAYS TIME from now on November 14th. This has been nearly two years in the making and every single page of Inside Out contains my heart, my soul and my love for all of you amazing creatures.

It’s my love letter to your body, and I’m so excited to see women around the world being empowered to take charge of their body image and be equipped with the right tools to do so!

Inside Out by Anastasia Amour launches in 5 days!

Inside Out is a self-help book unlike any other.  It’s an easy to follow 14-day guide that will completely revolutionise the way that you see yourself and your body. Based on my extensive research, studies and personal experiences, Inside Out is for you if:

  • You’ve tried countless diets, but have struggled to feel happy with yourself.
  • You wish there was a way to move past negative thoughts about yourself.
  • You want to make friends with your reflection.
  • You’re having trouble piecing together all the elements of self-love, and you need some action points to guide you to Fearless Body Confidence.

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Why did I write Inside Out?

Pretty simply, it’s the resource that I can only wish that I’d had access to at the lowest points of my self-esteem and body image. There are a lot of self-help books out there that fill your mind with “fluffy” advice (like “Take a bath and let go of your stresses!”) on one end of the spectrum, and then highly scientific, psychological textbooks that unfortunately are delivered in a totally inaccessible manner at the other end of that spectrum – there’s no middle ground. It was my goal in writing Inside Out to provide that much needed middle ground; scientifically and psychologically proven methods of behavioural change delivered in a way that’s highly relatable for most women.

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Inside Out is for all women who’ve ever struggled with negative self-talk or body loathing in any form. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60; whether you’ve been diagnosed with a body image or mental health disorder, or whether you suffer from negative body based thoughts only occasionally. If you want to improve your body image and equip yourself with the tools to make your self-esteem stick around for the rest of your life, then Inside Out is for you.

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Where many books, programs and classes fail is in that they unfortunately don’t empower their students with how to continue what they’ve learned and apply their newfound knowledge in the real world – it’s like the knowledge learned from the program ceases to be part of your life as soon as the program finishes. Lasting change needs to be sustainable, it needs to be practical and, in order for it to truly sink in, it needs to be relatable. This is particularly important when we’re talking about mental conditions and concepts rooted in psychology, such as positive body image – it’s not as simple as learning to knit a scarf, for instance (where you rote-learn the physical order of steps that you can then follow). It’s ever-changing, ever-evolving and different for every person, so there needs to be that balance between practical teaching that’s not too broad but also not too specific, to fit as many people’s needs as possible.

That’s the knowledge and empowerment gap that Inside Out aims to bridge.

Stay tuned because the product page is launching very very soon, and you’ll be able to see all the details! In the meantime, you can download the Inside Out media kit here.

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I can’t wait to share this with you all – I just know that you’re going to love it!