20 affirmations for better self-esteem & body confidence - by Anastasia Amour @ www.anastasiaamour.com

Our thoughts, words and actions shape who we all are. Theoretically, we all want to shape ourselves in positive ways, but what happens when we have so many negative thoughts that we struggle to cut through the clutter and believe that we’re worthy of our own positivity? Earlier this week, I shared how affirmations can be used to change our negative thoughts.

Today, I want to share with you some pointers; affirmations that you can use to help foster positive self esteem and body confidence, which will have the run-on effect of improving your overall self-confidence.

Here are 20 affirmations for better self esteem and body confidence to get you started:

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I am worth more than my appearance.
  3. I am enough.
  4. I am stronger than whatever obstacles stand in my way.
  5. I’m grateful for everything my body allows me to do.
  6. I can have a good day, even when I’m not comfortable in my body.
  7. I am ruled by my positive thoughts, not my negative ones.
  8. Beauty is a state of mind.
  9. I don’t need to compare myself to others to feel good about myself.
  10. My flaws are unique and beautiful.
  11. I believe in myself.
  12.  I can succeed at whatever I choose to.
  13. Today, I choose happiness and self-acceptance.
  14. I’m building a positive body image.
  15. I’m learning to love myself.
  16. My self-acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me.
  17. I am finding it easier to feel confident in the way I look.
  18. Feeling positive about my body is normal for me.
  19. I deserve to be confident and happy.
  20. I am growing more beautiful and more amazing each day.

Do any of the above affirmations stand out to you? Start using them – even if you’re skeptical, give them a try because you have nothing to lose by simply repeating words to yourself.

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Say them to yourself, out loud or silently in your head when you have a peaceful moment. You can choose to use all of them, some of them or just one of them – personally, I like to use just one at a time, to avoid cluttering my mind. Repeat it to yourself whenever you like, and as many times as you like. The more times you do this, the more that statement will sink in. And even if you don’t quite believe that statement right now, give it time.

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Day by day, the more you practice these affirmations you’ll start to see a change in yourself. You’ll treat yourself with more kindness and you’ll see your body as more beautiful and more amazing – you’re paving the way for a lifetime love affair with your body.

You can utilise any of these affirmations alone or create your own unique combination based on your personal wishes and needs.

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What is most important is to establish a profound communication with yourself and with the universe – so say it with conviction, say it in your own unique voice, and make it happen in the real world.

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