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Today, I wanted to tackle a topic that I get asked about a lot.

“Can you love your body but still want to change it?”

There’s a misconception with self-love, where people assume that to say you love yourself (and love all of yourself), that means that you love all of yourself all of the time – never having a moment where you’re not 100% thrilled with any part of your body.

However, that’s just not true. It is most definitely, a zillion percent possible to love yourself but still want to work towards changing yourself.

Here’s the difference.

When you truly love your body, you’re not pigeonholing yourself into a static position wherein you love the exact weight or fat content that it is in that very moment.

In fact, it’s the total opposite – you’re embracing yourself as a fluid, ever-changing being. And because you’re ever-changing, inevitably physical attributes will fluctuate.

You’ll put on weight. You’ll lose weight. You’ll feel bloated. You’ll feel light. You’ll sometimes look radiant. You’ll sometimes look tired.

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On some days, granted, you might be less than happy with how bloated you look that day, or you might cringe when you look at yourself sideways. But (and this is a big but) – even though you might want to change certain aspects of yourself, this doesn’t mean you don’t love your body.

Your happiness with your body is not conditional with everything being a certain way, with no room for flexibility.

Your attitude towards improving yourself is not “SHIT! I ate way too much yesterday. I’ve gotta do a whole lotta cardio today so that I can get back to loving my body!” but instead “I love what my body can do for me, regardless of what it looks like! I feel great when it’s a little toned, so I might do some cardio”.

See the difference?

Don’t let your appreciation of your body be conditional. Don’t be happy with your body only when you’ve fulfilled a certain criteria for yourself.

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Know that your ability to love your body is not dependant on what it looks like that day, but how you feel about it in general  – your ability to love it through thick and thin, quite literally.

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