5 easy ways to practice self love when you feel like crap - by Anastasia Amour @ www.anastasiaamour.com

Ever have one of those days where, for some unknown reason, you just feel absolutely terrible about yourself and whatever is going on in your life? Holla. I just had one of those days.

And as much fun as it is to hold yourself in your terrible mood and be angry at yourself and everyone around you, you can’t do that forever. There will come a moment where you need to pick yourself up and be okay again.

We’re all in charge of our own moods and, in moments like this, where we’re feeling down and out – it’s up to us to turn that around.

Fear not, if you’re looking for 5 foolproof ways to dig yourself out of that foul mood you’ve ended up in, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 easy ways to practice self-love when you feel like crap.

1. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

So many of us picture big wins when we think about success – a promotion at work, a significant pay rise, winning a new car. But how often do we celebrate the little wins of life, like getting extra marshmallows with our hot chocolate, or realising how easily you can do something that you once found difficult?

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A great way to celebrate these little victories is to write them down – keep a little notebook somewhere, and when you encounter something worth celebrating, write it down. When you’re feeling down, you can come back to the notebook and realise just how much you’ve accomplished!

2. Disconnect.

I’ve written about this a few times, but it’s an important one – it is so beneficial for your mental health if you can find some time each week (or better, each day) so be social media free. Stop tweeting. Stop checking those emails. Stop endlessly scrolling through Pinterest. All those things are great, but can leave you feeling cluttered. Instead, use that time to do something just for you. It can be anything you like! Take a bath, go for a walk, bake some cookies and then eat all of them… whatever floats your boat!

Taking regular time out to do something that benefits you will leave you looking forward to that time and feeling overall more positive about yourself.

3. Write a love letter…

… to yourself. You heard me! Some of us are great at telling those around us how wonderful they are, but not so good at telling ourselves – it’s time to change that. When you’re feeling bad about yourself, sit down and write out a love letter as if you were writing it to a partner or a dear friend. Write down all the things you’ve achieved recently, how strong you’ve been or how hard you’ve worked. Then, read it aloud to yourself. Bonus points if you do so while standing in front of a mirror.

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4. Channel your inner kid!

The grown up world sucks, sometimes. As much as we all would’ve liked to believe it would be constant sophisticated soirées, a tribe of rad girlfriends à la Sex And The City and a beautiful designer wardrobe, sometimes it looks more like a stack of bills that you can’t pay, a toxic friend that’s leeching your energy and sweatpants with unbrushed hair all day, ‘coz you just can’t be bothered (and that’s okay!).

Sometimes, it’s fun to escape the responsibility and forget that you’re an adult. What would 6 year old you want to be doing right now? Finger-painting? Doing cartwheels on the lawn? Eating Peanut Butter out of the jar? You’re never too old to do those things again – just because you’re a grown up with a job and possibly a mortgage and maybe other people relying on you, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little childish fun.

5. Be grateful

Sometimes, the things that can make you feel the best about yourself don’t actually involve doing something for yourself. Gratitude is a life-changing mentality. I’m a huge advocate of keeping a gratitude journal, or a jar, or mentally running through what you’re grateful for that day in your head.

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Do this every day, regardless of your mood, and you’ll find that you experience far fewer low points and crappy moods. After all, it’s hard to feel bad when you’re in awe of all the amazing things in your life.

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