I’m here to help you develop a healthier mind-body relationship.

If you’ve ever struggled to feel comfortable in your own skin or had trouble making sense of food and exercise, then you’ve landed in the right place!

‘Home Truths’

Challenge those destructive thoughts wherever they strike with Home Truths – 50 self-love cards in a pocket size box.

Start loving your body

Inside Out is an easy-to-follow 14-Day guide covering all aspects of body image and self-esteem.

Practical, effective advice from a woman who has been where you are now.

After spending years at war with my mind and body, I finally raised a white flag. Now I want to help you find self-love, too.

Helping women just like you to find self-love.

"This book gets a 10/10 for me! Why? It's educational, positive, it helps, it's quick to read and it's written in a way which is easy to understand and very relatable!" Alisha White

Britain's Next Top Model Runner Up

"I am an aspiring psychiatric nurse and I love how your method incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You truly balanced your motivational tips with actual therapy and it was insanely brilliant." Olivia DeFilippo

Psychiatric nurse

"Inside Out is more than just a self-help book with steps on bettering yourself. When you’re reading Inside Out, you don’t feel alone. You feel the community of people changing their perspective as you are changing yours." Raewyn Sangari

Journalist & mental health advocate

"Inside Out is good for women on all spectrums of the scale, whether you add it into your pre-existing eating disorder treatment plan or are a woman who considers herself strong and confident, but still encounters negative body thoughts now and then. It's not afraid to make us ask the hard questions of ourselves and pushes you to do the tough work, in a healthy way. It encourages and supports making tough decisions. I encourage you to treat the book like a journal and take your time with it! The pay off in the end is well worth the work."

Megan de Boekhorst

Goal coach

"Inside Out cuts through all of the 'diet-talk' and not only provides young women with information, but actionable steps towards becoming more body positive."

Nina Mills

Nutritionist & Dietitian

"Inside Out is the sort of book I wish more doctors, politicians and media commentators would read because of the way it exposes the complex links between mental and physical health.”

Lara Cain Gray


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BA. Communications (Murdoch University), Adv. Dip. in Counselling (Monash University), Adv. Dip. in Eating Disorder Treatment (UCL), Dip. in Food Psychology (Deakin University), Dip. in Psychology and Mental Health (RMIT) & Cert. in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Flinders University)

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Whether you’re struggling with an eating disorder, can’t break the cycle of yo-yo dieting or simply need a little help in seeing yourself with a new perspective, I can help you.


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