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‘Inside Out’ is unlike any other 14-day guide you’ll ever read. Using a combination of techniques, you’ll dive into themes of food, movement, self-worth and more as you transform the way you see yourself. See why it’s an international bestseller!



‘Home Truths’ are a deck of 50 beautifully designed, eco-friendly cards… each containing a realistic, compassion-focused affirmation to carry throughout your day. Fight negative self-talk wherever it strikes!


I’m Anastasia.

I’m a Self-Love Coach from sunny Australia with a background in mental health and eating disorders. My goal is to help women all over the world to find peace and contentment with their beautiful bodies. Because whoever you are, wherever you come from and no matter the hurdles that your body has overcome, you are worthy of self-love… right here, right now.

My approach: 

Self-love with substance.

Inside Out is one of the first self-love books that I’ve come across that is realistic, hands on, and relateable for anyone!

Abbey Thompson

(Inside Out reader)

After chatting with you for just 15 minutes, I already felt more comfortable and understood than I have throughout my nearly 5 years of being in therapy. Your advice is amazing and I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Charlotte Cross

(Private Coaching client)

You’re helping me to put years of yo-yo dieting, tears and unhappiness behind me. I’m finally appreciating my body and I’m healthier as a result, and it feels so damn good! Cate McKlinnon

(Blog reader)

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