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Hey there, rockstar. And welcome! You haven’t landed here by accident.

You’re here because you’re sick of diets, sick of insecurity, sick of the nagging Inner Mean Girl in the back of your mind (and jeez, she likes to harp on about how not “enough” you are)… right?

I get it. I’ve been there. It sucks (really, really bad).

But, let me pose you a question: what if you could spend less time obsessing over the scale, and more time living your damn life?

What if, instead of obsessing about every calorie, every meal, every bite…. you ate with ease and joy?

Instead of forcing yourself out the door for a run and beating yourself up every step of the way… you found ways to move that actually made you happy?

Instead of forever hating yourself and accepting that “this is just the way things are”… you were able to better understand yourself and be your own biggest cheerleader?

Home Truth: It’s possible. And not when you change your hairstyle, not when you drop 10 pounds, not when you finish this diet…

It’s possible right here and right now. 

You just need the roadmap to help you get there.

That’s where I come in ;)

Hi, I’m Anastasia,
Self-Love Coach.

Over the past few years through my private coaching, courses and international bestselling book, Inside Out, I’ve taught countless women to stop hating their bodies, transform their perspectives and step into mind-blowing, radical, no-bullshit self-love with substance.

What makes me different from other coaches…

Lived experience?
Check (oooh girl, have I got some stories to tell you!)

 Certified, qualified and credentialed?
Check, check, check (and I never stop learning!)

 A passion for seeing women escape the perpetual prison that is dieting?

My approach: 

Self-love with substance.

Inside Out is one of the first self-love books that I’ve come across that is realistic, hands on, and relateable for anyone!

Abbey Thompson

(Inside Out reader)

After chatting with you for just 15 minutes, I already felt more comfortable and understood than I have throughout my nearly 5 years of being in therapy. Your advice is amazing and I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Charlotte Cross

(Private Coaching client)

You’re helping me to put years of yo-yo dieting, tears and unhappiness behind me. I’m finally appreciating my body and I’m healthier as a result, and it feels so damn good! Cate McKlinnon

(Private Coaching client)

If you’re finally ready to step out of the shadow of your inner mean girl…

If you’re ready to make yourself a priority…

If you’re ready to live unapologetically…

If you’re ready to stop being victim to the cycle of self-hatred…

If you’re not willing to waste a single day more of your life at war with your body…